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Deleting Internet Explorer

By ralphchas ·
I used Internet Explorer on my Dell laptop (Latitude) up till a few yrs ago when I switched to Firefox. Then last week I switched to Chrome because of slow startups with FFox. All is well with chrome. So I thought I would delete IE, since I note it is still causing some file activity when I run Ccleaner. However, IE does not show up on the Programs list or on the add/remove programs list. so I did a search and found a batch of files related to IE in the Programs/Internet Explorer folder. However, I did not find an exe file for IE. Now, to completely delete IE from my computer, what shall I do? I am afraid to just delete these files because it will not change the registry. I have a suspicion that they are causing some slow operation of the computer at times because I see that they are growing when I check with Ccleaner. I am using XP, everything works well exc as noted above. Shall I also delete Firefox? I thought I should keep it a while as a backup in case I have a prob with Chrome. Apprec your help. Keep it simple - I am definitely NOT a guru. And thx to all for help in the past.

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Short answer - you can't.

by seanferd In reply to Deleting Internet Explore ...

It is integrated into the OS. If there is no IE executable in /Program Files, that is about as far as you can go.

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by santeewelding In reply to Deleting Internet Explore ...

If you start from scratch, how do you go online to load an alternative, without which either, your box is a brick.

That's how I use it. At least, I try at the moment with W7 over PPPoE. Running into what I learn is a known bug having to do with raspppoe.sys.

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Remove it from System

by humphnor In reply to Deleting Internet Explore ...

The reason IE causes some activity is that it is part of the operating system in Windows XP and earlier.

You can remove it using the add remove programs (XP or previous) or Programs and settings.
On the left hand side is remove system components(windowsXP) or "Turn windows fetures on or off"(Vista) .

When you run the remove Internet explorer it does not remove all components ads they overlap and the amount of space freed up will be minimal.

With regard to firefox, I would remove it. If you ever need to do any testing you can download Firefox portable which will run from a thumb drive or HDD without installing any permanent files.

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