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Deleting Norton Anti-Virus

By dghaus ·
I've been trying to uninstall Norton Anti-Virus because of a problem with it, and then re-installing it. Upon the re-install I get the same problems, even after cleaning out all reference in the registry. Obviously there are files left behind that Iam missing and these are causing my problems. Does anyone know how to completely clean it out? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from Darryl

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by Darthkim In reply to Deleting Norton Anti-Viru ...

Besides cleaning out the registry settings, you may also wish to download the Microsoft Installer Remover?

It is a utility to remove applications that are installed by MSI which NAV is.

Between using that utility to remove every trace and deleting registry edits, i've been able to remove nav from many instances.

If you get a specific error, check out and run a search in the knowledgebase. Its quite useful once you learn how to use it.

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by dghaus In reply to

Thanks for the tip. I'll try the utility, it will be usefull in other instances as well. The knowledgebase does have an article explaining removal procedure.

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repartition and reformat

by maxwell edison In reply to Deleting Norton Anti-Viru ...

I use Norton Antivirus. And I've used it for so long that I know it's a real P-I-T-A. This is especially true if you want to uninstall, repair, reinstall, or whatever. I've found that it's simply easier - and more stable - to start all over again when something needs to be redone. Perhaps my circumstances are different, as I can redo a workstation from scratch in about 90 minutes.

Why do I continue to use it?

It does do a pretty good job detecting those pesky little viruses. And I’ve never had any major virus damage inflicted.


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by mrafrohead In reply to repartition and reformat

What version of NAV is it???

There are docs on the Symantec web site about manually removing the program. It includes all files and registry keys...

OR... You can try this utility... RNAV.exe

Can be found at

That will also FORCE out the removal of NAV...

If you need any help, send me a note.


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Norton 200x bad news...

by nunesj In reply to Deleting Norton Anti-Viru ...

I have tried Norton 2001 and 2002 system works and both have caused my system some bad problems.
Like causing my bootup to stall, My programs to run with gliches or not run at all, And my hardware not to operate. How many other people have these kinds of problems? Or is there a fix?

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by dennisjh In reply to Norton 200x bad news...

If you are using Win2K Pro or Server and sis not run the update patch from Norton BEFORE you rebooted, you will have this problem. The patch does not work after the initial install. Remove Norton. Download the patch from Symantec and reinstall. When it asks to reboot; just say no. They apply the patch and reboot. Even Live Update won't clear it up. Hope this helps.


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