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Deleting Partions

By AquaticIT ·
I'm attempting to **** away a Desktop HP.
For some reason it will not let me delete the exsisting partion [c: NTFS 4110MB (1661MB free)and start from scratch.
Can I force this deletion by other means?
I want to start fresh with Windows 2000.

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by Jaqui In reply to Deleting Partions

you should be able to from the win2k install program.

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by AquaticIT In reply to

Thanks, but I tried that. It won't acknowledge my "D" key stroke. The actual re-installion of Windows 2000 was successful, but I want to ensure a clean slate and so wish to delete this partion. Any other soutions?

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by exNN In reply to Deleting Partions

try to boot from a floppy with system (Win95 or 98 will work), then use fdisk to erase the partition and create a new one. Then boot from CD with the Windows 200 CD in and perform a clean installation.

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by AquaticIT In reply to

Thanks, that's it.

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by willcomp In reply to Deleting Partions

Boot from a Win98 boot disk, run fdisk, and delete all partitions.


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by AquaticIT In reply to
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Fdisk issues

by daugherr In reply to

Fdisk issues on laptop
I'm trying to to format a laptop to install Windows XP over 2000, it won't do it saying there are install files on that partition. I then decided to Fdisk to start over but when I try to boot to the floppy it comes up with this error, "Invalid Hibernation Partition?.run HDPREPEZ or AMI Save to File Utility" Does anyone know how to get around this problem so I can move on to the better things in life? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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by dmiles In reply to Deleting Partions

Using a Win98 startup disk
Insert in floppy drive,boot computer

Choose option to runsetup without cd rom support

At command prompt type fdisk

Select option to delete non-dos partitions

Follow the screen prompts perform all other partitions before deleting the dos partition

Partiton and format

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by AquaticIT In reply to

got it, thanks.

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by AquaticIT In reply to Deleting Partions

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