Deleting Partition & Re Installing

By mibarra ·
I have my original disks that came with my computer and I would like to erase everything completely on the computer since there might be a virus and takes atleast 15 minutes just to load.

Now Ive learned how to delete the main partition and reinstall but that was for something else. Now can I delete the partition and reinstalling xp and windows? Maybe this is a ridiculous question but I want to make sure. Do I have to use a fdisk also? is there another way to do this?

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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First you need a bootable disk

by mjd420nova In reply to Deleting Partition & Re I ...

I like to tempoarily install a floppy with a bootable disk made from the present OS. Then you can boot to the disk, run FDISK and delete the partition. Then reinstall a partition, reformat and reinstall the OS.

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F Disk1

by mibarra In reply to First you need a bootable ...

Can I use just any ordinary floppy or what type do I have to use? I know how to reinstall after the partition is deleted but I need some guidance on what steps and where to start on deleting the partition. Thanks for your help.

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Or you can use a Bootable Disc that has a wiping utility on it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Deleting Partition & Re I ...

I like to use Floppies for this and fit one if only on a temp basis as it's easier to work with and much faster to download a Floppy image than a ISO image for a CD.

Boot & Nuke works quite well and writes zero's to every sector of the drive completely deleting everything on the drive and when you come to install Windows it thinks that you have a new HDD in place. You can download Boot & Nuke from here


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Thanks, I think I will try this out.

by mibarra In reply to Or you can use a Bootable ...

Ill either put it on a flash drive, CD or DVD. I appreciate it thank you. It seems like a good way to go because I read up on what youve posted and I like the idea of how it says that it will delete absolutely everything and its good if your selling the computer in terms of identity theft ect... Thank you and I appreciate it again.

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Just be a bit careful here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks, I think I will tr ...

As this will clear up a HDD you can never totally clean data off a HDD so if someone is really interested they can recover every layer of Data ever written to the drive.

Granted this is Horrendously expensive and very unlikely to happen but if you have some really sensitive data on the HDD it's much cheaper to replace the drive and destroy the old on if you can not find a use for it.


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Boot your computer with Original XP CD

by huoml In reply to Deleting Partition & Re I ...

During the setup, you have option to delete the existing partition(s). Delete the partition and recreate the partion and when you continue, it will give you option to format the newly created partition.

One of the option (I think very first one) will be : you want to repair exisiting or install new one (not these exact words, but something similar). Make sure you select install new.


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Thats what I thought..

by mibarra In reply to Boot your computer with O ...

Thats what I thought I could just use the install disk and recreate. Id like to try the second option though. But who knows I might just take the easy way and do it with the disks. Thanks though

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