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    Deleting System Restore Files


    by skellystudios ·

    Anyone who owns a laptop will understand how important it is to keep your drive from clutter. I was horrified to hear (read) that our of my 18GB Drive I was using 17.8GB, even though Windows, Documents and Setting, and Program Files all only added up to 5GB. After much poking round, I found the system folder System Restore. It was 12GB big! I set the SR size limit 2 1GB, and rebooted, to see if it would clean it out for me. It didn’t. I tried disabling system restore, which even popped up a nice friendly notice telling me that it would delete my SR points. It didn’t!
    Anyway, my question is, If I manually delete the SR points, will it mess up system restore in the future, when (and if) I turn it back on?

    Help is appreciated, as I want to install Age of Empires II 😉

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      by tech_wiz03 ·

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      You can safely delete the system restore area by removing all multiple copies of same files. Another way to guard against windows restore crap is to repartition the harddrive for a smaller system size. If you need 5GB for you system and don’t plan on really adding much more you can set c: partition size to 6 to 10 GB and thusly have the balance strictly for data.

      Personally, I always set c: really small 2 – 3 GB and reserve it only for op system and applications that MUST reside on the boot drive. Then I set d: for any non-op-sys apps and e: for data. Back-ups and system fixes become a brease, disk drafmentation is cut by over 80% in most cases and when I defrag it goes so fast!!!


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      by joseph moore ·

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      Something else is you can turn on the built-in disk compression to get some more free disk space.
      Open My Computer, right-click your drive, and click the checkbox to enable the compression.
      Then choose the option to apply it to all subfolders.
      Then let it run for a while. After a few minutes, an error will come up saying a file cannot be compressed. Click the Ignore All button to skip the error from coming up again. There are a few files that can’t be compressed.

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      by pacific_coast ·

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      1. Windows does multiple restore points. Deleting them is fine except that those restore points are gone.
      2. Con – you should have at least one restore point particularly before installing new software not least of all games. Dungeon Siege a “Microsoft” game wiped out two Win 98 os installations until after the patch was installed although no hint of this problem was listed at that time for the patch. The pcs were eventually repaired after some effort.
      3. Viruses hide in the System restore as this is a windows protected area. So run a thorough up-to-date virus scan just before creating your new base system restore. Of course, all your windows and office updates should be done prior to the sr as well. Manage your system restores, it is worth the effort.

      Hope this helps.

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