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Deliver my file as fast as uploading

By maxaholic ·
Hello ... i am on a cable connection and i talked to my isp and im not capped @ all. My download rocks its just my upload is really bad. It will start @ 16/k then jump to 32 .. then to 48 then back to 0 then 16 etc .. nothing in between , it just doubles itself by 16s. What would b the prob .. any suggestions ?

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Deliver my file as fast as uploading

by TheChas In reply to Deliver my file as fast a ...

If your upload speed is not capped by your ISP (very unusual!)
Check the specifications of your cable modem. It may limit your upload rate on it's own.

Also, check the data for the site you are sending the data to. They may have a limit, or a hub in-between you and them may be limiting the transfer.


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by wlbowers In reply to Deliver my file as fast a ...

Go to one of the speed test sites and check your bandwidth. 2 bits says the download will be 1.2 to 1.5 kbps and upload will be 200 to 300 kbps.

check for spaces after copy and paste

Next open a dos window and at a command prompt type: tracert
where is the site you are trying to download from. Like tracert

You will get a time stamp for every active addressed device or site you have to pass through.

A busy device like a router in Atlanta might be having problems or traffic could just be vicious .

Do the tracert several times and compare the times.

Good Luck Lee

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