Delivering audio thru web pages via generic Flash object?

By TKC, ·

I'm developing an ASP.NET website for a client, and on one page, the user will see a list of PDF links to short documents.

The client wants to provide these documents in audio format as well, so that older users can just listen rather than read. (We also want to allow pod-cast type downloads, but that's not hard.)

I am not a Flash developer and don't have the inclination to become one! What I'm hoping is possible it to find/buy a small generic Flash object (forgive my weak Flash-terminology here) that I can put on the web page, and then thru user-clicks and JavaScript "point it" at the desired audio file on the server. So for instance, within the <object> tag would be a <param audiofilepath='/audio/doc1.wav' /> tag. Using JavaScript, I could manipulate the value of "audiofilepath" to play the file that the user's click requested.

(For an example of the kind of small, elegant, audio-only playback I want, see

I have seem some examples of this, but they seem to work NOT with .wav files, but with Flash movies or such. I need to serve up .wav files; I can't convert all their audio to Flash movies or files each time they have a new one. That would be too cumbersome a deployment process.

Is what I'm asking for possible? I can't think I'm the first to want such a thing. What are the drawbacks?

- Tom

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