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Delivery Status Notification

By Sam Lee ·
When we send an email to a particular company who have their own server (

We get this message back:-

from postmaster@he.local

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

The email address in the message is their old server ????? NOT the email address sent to.

No-one seems to be able to understand what is happening as everyone else can send emails to them OK.

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by acidbomb In reply to Delivery Status Notificat ...

There can be a SMTP Application to send Multiple ( or even fake mails) and has been set to send a automatic reply mail without a real sender info ( it can be given as: "postmaster@he.local" or anything else they like! even not a real address or an address without the format of a mail like "banana"

A possible option for this ????? address is that they set their server ( i mean server ) to forward all received mails for their old address ( ).

so when you send an email to it forward your mail to and there is a software that send you a generated email with a unreal address!

BUT i don't know Why!

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Old server forwarding emails

by Sam Lee In reply to SMTP/POP3 Tools

Thanks, that is the case - they have set up server to forward all emails but for some reason our emails are not getting through. Apparently no-one else has complained of this problem to them!
It seems as if it is their old server blocking us?!

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