dell 1100 pc won't boot, what could it be??

By andrew_03 ·
I am trying to fix a friends dell 1100 demension desktop that has stopped working. It will no longer boot up at all. Blank screen, fan's spinning but no hd activity, no beeps or anything. I've also tried swapping out the memory but no luck. I've got a new motherboard and ps but it still won't boot. What else might be the problem?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to dell 1100 pc won't boot, ...

If you have already swapped out the memory, PS, and mobo, try disconnecting all perepherals such as floppy and hdd's. If that does not work, it probably is the processor.

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cpu testing

by andrew_03 In reply to CPU

is there any way to test the cpu, without buying a new one??

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You can

by cmiller5400 In reply to cpu testing

You can try it in another machine that takes the same style/type of processor. Just be warned that it could possibly damage the second machine. Else, swap out is the only answer I can think of.

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by M.A.S. Matrix In reply to You can

You can also try re-seating the CPU. Make sure you are grounded, remove fan, remove CPU. Clean out any dust or anything else that might be in the part where the CPU sits. Check for bent or missing pins then replace CPU. Be sure to add a small amount of thermal compound to where the CPU comes in contact with the heat sink but make sure you first clean off the old stuff. Compound is conductive be sure to clean off any excess.

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PC wont boot

by Nimmo In reply to Re-seating

Remove everything except what is necessary for booting, both internal components and external peripherals.

remove everyting bar - memory, cpu, video card, power. like the previous post re-seat the CPU.

I have had a machine that wouldn't boot because a PCI modem was faulty.

Again make sure you only have connected what is necessary for the machine to boot.

Dont have any USB devices attached, or other peripherals except keyboard, mouse, monitor attached.

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tried all that and still no luck

by andrew_03 In reply to PC wont boot

i have tried all that and still nothing, i guess i am going to buy a new cpu and see if that will work

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