Dell 1440 Problem

By mnelson40 ·
A co-worker brought me a laptop that is telling them, "internal hard disk drive not found" and then it tells them to try and reseat the drive. When I go into set-up (F2 at startup) it doesn't have an entry for the hard drive. Interestingly, when I then exit out and the computer restarts it loads to a screen giving the option to 'launch startup repair' or 'start windows normally'. Neither option gets to Windows. She gets the Windows 7 wallpaper (with the leaves) and nothing else. I have let it sit for over two hours and nothing will happen. When I restart it again I can sometimes get to the open in safe mode menu but the same thing happens. I have seen in some forums that she will need to just get a new hard drive and/or re-install Win 7. Does anyone else have suggestions or should she just get a new hard drive? Thanks.

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few chances

by brian In reply to Dell 1440 Problem

1a. Motherboard controller is cooked...replace laptop or motherboard

1b. Try placing drive in a diff laptop and see if it is recgonized everytime in bios to confirm.

2. Bad hard drive...replace drive and hope that is all it is

3. Defective BIOS...see second part of choice 1

4. Replace BIOS battery (could have gone dead)

5. Boot laptop with UBCD and run a diagnosics check on the hard drive and controller..if controller fails see option 1 if hdd fails see option 2

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by seanferd In reply to few chances

There may also be a diagnostic for this in BIOS setup. Newer models tend to have this, and sometimes this runs automatically when there is a failure, but maybe not.

I've sent back brand new NBs for controller failure before.

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The Ultimate Boot CD is available here FREE

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to few chances

Just make sure you click on the ISO File Listing and not the Add.

Also the way to fully test the HDD is to run it's makers testing Utility or if there isn't one Seatools and test the HDD. If it fails the first test remove it and test in another computer.

If it still fails the test the Drive is dead and on it's way to Silicon Heaven but if it passes the Second Test the most likely culprit is the M'Board in the NB being shot. Read that as the HDD Controller Chip.

The HDD Testing Utilities are on the Ultimate Boot CD under HDD Test.

Also you should check to make sure that the HDD is correctly fitted quite often with NB's they get corrosion when left for long periods of time and just pulling them out and refitting will get over this.

If that's the case you also need to check for Liquid Penetration of the NB or sings that it's been dropped.


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You didn't mention,

by Kenone In reply to Dell 1440 Problem

I'm sure it's just an oversight but, have you reseated the drive?

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