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    Dell 1×8 U2W SCSI BP SCSI Processor Drive


    by nixer ·

    I have a DEll PowerEdge 4400 running Windows 2000 server. About a week ago we had a power outage. I was able to shut it down properly, but the next day when I came to work it would not boot into Windows. It kept complaining about some Firware revision and a Back Plane something. I really do not know. To fix it. (I think that’s what we did) We ended up goig to the BIOS and setting it to SCSI and it found the Controllers on the next boot up and we were able to get to Windows.

    But, now it still complains about the firmware thing which it didn’t before the outage and when it finally boots up it asks me to install DELL 1×8 U2W SCSI BP SCSI Processor Drive I have no idea what is going on here. I have very unfamiliar with RAID, SCSI.

    I would really appreciate some assistance….I would even be will to talk to someone over the phone if need be..

    Thank you.

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