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Dell 2400's

By tech ·
I purchased 2 Dell 2400's - added some memory. All is good for two weeks. Patched completely upon receipt through SP2 - running XP Home. Nothing fancy cooking, just MS Applications, no problems with viruses or spyware.

First one machine and then the other (not same network) had BSoD when in morning (idle over night, no screen saver S/W, no hibernation, just power down of screen).

A restore to last point worked on one computer twice, then now does not. Then other gets same screen, but restore only brings you back to the BSoD. These are remote from me (college kids). I know what you are thinking - no Kaaza or other stuff. Clean on AdAware and current and clean on all virus scans (Norton).

Can find nothing on Dell's Support site. Getting ready to cal them, but.... you know the drill. Better to have some ideas to lead them past all the normal stuff.

Ideas or fixes?


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Step backwards

by jdmercha In reply to Dell 2400's

First thing I would try would be to remove the added memory and see if you still have the problem.

You might also want to run the Dell diagnostics. On some machines you can hit F12 at bootup to access the diags. Or you can boot to the Dell diags CD.

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Been there

by shauncharles In reply to Dell 2400's

I myself have a couple of Dell 2400's I've ran into this problem on two occasions. The first time it was actually a problem with the motherboard and the second time a quick upgrade of the bios did the trick. you can get the most current bios update from Hope this helps

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There may be something else

by dbucyk In reply to Dell 2400's

The one thing that you never mentioned to me is what hardware is on your computer.

From all the information you've given me, the only thing I can think of (I am A+, Network+, and soon to be Server+) is that there is a piece of hardware that doesn't like the SP2 upgrade.

If you can still boot your computer, have Dr. Watson running as a TSR.

Use all of the hardware you have in your system as well as your software.

Dr. Watson (if you have enabled logging) will take a snapshot of your system.

By using one piece of hardware and software at a time, you'll eventually come across the affected piece of hardware or software.

Go the the manufacturers website. See if there is a patch. If there is not, then contact them and see what can be done.

This is the best solution.

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Problem Solved

by tech In reply to Dell 2400's

Seemed a Video Driver Windows XP updated was the culprit. Rolled back to original and all is 5 x 5.

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