Dell 2900 Raid 10 Setup

By william.wallace ·
Hi Everyone,

I'm currently an Automotive Design Engineer who has been tasked to setup a new file server for our CAD data. The system spec is as follows:

i) PE 2900 III Quad Core Xeon E5430 (2.66GHz, 2x6MB, 1333MHz FSB) x2

ii) 8GB (4x2GB Dual Rank DIMMs) 667MHz FBD
400GB SAS 10k

iii) PERC 6/i Internal RAID Controller Card (256MB cache, battery backup)

iv) PV110T LTO3 400GB Internal 39320A SCSI Card Internal Cable

v)Broadcom NetXtreme 5721 Single Port Gigabit Ethernet Teaming NIC, Cu, PCIe x1

vi) PE2900 III C5 R10 PERC 5/i / 6/i Min. 4 Max. 8 Drives

My problems are that I've never setup a server before so this is a very steep learning curve. I've installed Windows Server 2003 but did not install the raid drivers at that time. Also when selecting the system volume I left it at the default 12gig and have since read that 30gig would be better, does this sound correct.

Since I have not installed the RAID drivers at OS install I'm lead to believe that you can't install them after with great success. I can easily install the OS again as the server is obviously offline and I have about 2-3 weeks to play and set it up correctly.

Any help and advice would be of a great benefit to me.



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You need to setup the RAID Array when you install the OS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell 2900 Raid 10 Setup

So you are correct there unless of course you do not want the OS on the RAID and only want to have the Data on a RAID Array.

If however you want the OS Included on the RAID you need to either press the F6 Key when the first blue screen appears and wait till you are prompted to insert the RAID/SCSI Drivers copied to the Root of a Floppy into the A Drive and then press Enter. If you don't have a Floppy Drive you can Slipstream the RAID Drivers to a Install Disc that you make with a product like nLite available here

Don't forget the Instructions for this product located here

You can use nLite to preset the configuration as you require and just go with that which is what would be my preferred option here but you will need to copy the RAID Drivers and any Specialized Drivers for your Hardware before you start to compile the Slipstreamed image. You should also apply any Service Packs at this stage that you require and you can download these from M$ Download center here


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Cheers Smeg

by william.wallace In reply to You need to setup the RAI ...

Well I discovered that the server already had the RAID 10 setup!

So I've installed the OS on the RAID giving it a 30gig system volume and I'm currently attemtping to install SQL Ent Ed 2005. There are some very long days ahead for me.

P.S. That nLite seems a good bit of software

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cheers Smeg

I like nLite and use it all of the time for rebuilding XP machines. There is a product called vLite available for Vista installs.


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