Dell 3000 Won't Boot - Daughter loaded sims games

By ibi2jim ·
I have a Dell 3000. My daughter loaded sims game and now Computer is locked up. IDE Device failed. A possible failure is predicted by the drives S.M.A.R.T status (It is advisable to immediate). Basically, the computer won't boot. No matter what changes are made in utilities or the boot, it won't start up. Even changed hard drives still wouldn't start. NTFS issue alert?

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Well, it sounds like the drive is dead

by seanferd In reply to Dell 3000 Won't Boot - D ...

No settings or utilities will get it to boot then.

When you say it wouldn't boot when you changed the drive - did you install an operating system on it? You'd be booting from the optical drive to install the OS on the new hard drive.

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Also assuming that this is a IDE HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell 3000 Won't Boot - D ...

Did you enter the BIOS and make sure that the replacement drive is being correctly identified?

The SMART Warning is exactly that a warning that the Drive has now failed, you should have been getting warnings prior to this that a Possible Drive Failure was about to occur and taken steps then.

But if you want to you can double check with the Ultimate Boot CD available here

and test the HDD with it's makers Testing Utility to check its correct function.

When you replace the HDD you need to enter the BIOS and check that the replacement HDD is correctly recognized and then save the changes when you exit the BIOS before you can load the OS onto the replacement HDD.

You'll also require your Dell Recovery Disc here to reload the OS.


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