Dell 3110cn MFP Printer

By IT2MD ·
hey guys, i bought a the above printer used...i downloaded a driver and installed the printer...i replaced only the black cartridge, for now...i was able to make a B&W copy and actually printed out a test page...but now...i keep getting a replace cartridges messages..and it will not print...haven't tried to copy question is there a way to get the printer to print just using the black cartridge...or do i have to replace ALL the cartridges for it to work?...

thanks in advance for any info!

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Most of these things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell 3110cn MFP Printer

Require Cartridges with at least some Ink in them so you can use them.

If there is a second button on the device for Printing you may be able to turn the printer on and hold it in till the Warning Light goes out telling you that Ink is required but here I think you'll find that you have to replace the Color Cartridge as well.

It's probably a good idea to download the Manual for this but I think you'll find that as this is a Color Laser Unit you need all of the Toners.

You could try a Refill for the Color Toners if you like. I'm not sure if they are available but if they are they are certainly much cheaper.


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Request for Clarification

by IT2MD In reply to Most of these things

Thanks for your response. I tried what you suggested and it worked until I printed Printer Status Report! I haven't been able to get to work again...which brings me to my next question.

While I was trying to reset it, I found that the Cyan cartridge still had that protective piece of plastic that you are supposed to pull I pulled it out and reinstalled it and I am assuming it's full. If it is I would only need to replace two cartridges to get the printer to work, which I can do; BUT since I primarily print in Black and white...could I just buy 2 (or in the future, all 4) black cartridges and replace them with black cartridges instead of color? Or will it mess up the printer itself.

Thanks in advance for any consideration.

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No you can not buy 4 Black Cartridges and fit them

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell 3110cn MFP Printer

They are different and will not fit into the unit. Even if it's only the Electrical Connection they will cause a error to be spat up and stop the unit working.


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