Dell 4600: trouble reformatting...

By jostkava ·
Let's begin. I want to reformat my hard drive, but it seems there is something I've missed along the way. I have all the discs and the user manual the comp came with, I've booted with the OS disc in=>booted from CD-ROM=> and.. nothing. That's where it go wrong. I'm prompted with two options; one is to continue (which just ends up booting to the desktop), or two which trys again. Now, I've even went in after the fact and tried turning on the OS Install Mode and after trying again, nothing. I've tried deselecting the hardrive in the boot menu (leaving just the CD-ROM to boot from) and nothing. So, my question is has anyone else had this problem, or am I possibly missing some blatanly obvious step???

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Set the Boot Order in BIOS to Optical Drive first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell 4600: trouble reform ...

the HDD. And save the changes when you go to Exit BIOS.

Next look at the OS Disc and make sure that you actually have a Bootable Disc in the Drive Dell should call this the Recovery Disc you can try looking at in in Windows it should open into a Windows Install Option which will not run from there but is the easy way to discover if you actually have the right Disc or have misunderstood the Dell Markings.

You can also double check to see if you have the correct Boot Order set by downloading a Disc Wiping Utility like Boot & Nuke


Get the CD version and burn it to CD and try booting off that. But at this point Do Not wipe the HDD till you have a Working Boot Disc to work from.

Also check for Physical Damage to the Data Surface of the Disc.

You can clean Finger Marks off with a Lint Free Cloth but Scratches or other damage will require you to replace the Disc and this will involve buying another Recovery Set from Dell. These should be cheap and only be about the cost of Shipping & Handling to you.


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