dell 5150c weird boot problem

By SeanTech ·
Hi all, i was hoping someone out there may have a solution or guildence with my problem.
My dell 5150C when started would start the fans and th harddrive would motion as if operating but there is a solid amber light on the front, I tried removing all components which when booted gave a green light but if i connect any of the components including the monitor it goes back to amber?
On one occassion I removed all except Ram and monitor running through graphics card no onbaord and got a green light but nothing on screen just a nice blank screen.
Would love to hear peoples views on this.

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If I am reading this correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dell 5150c weird boot pro ...

You have a bad Power Supply which is not producing sufficient Current or Voltage on one of it's Voltage Rails.

Just because fans spin and lights come on only means that the Voltage Rail that supplies that section is working to somewhat near what is specified by the M'Board maker for that Voltage Rail. That means that the correct voltage is more or less present but doesn't mean that it is being supplied at the correct current to run the machine. It also doesn't mean that any of the other Voltage Rails are working. Typically all Power Supplies provide 12 V DC, 5 V DC and 1.3 V DC.


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