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dell bios password ,how to clear it ?

By craigbentley ·
have had a latitude 610 sitting on the bench for aprox 2 days . cant seem to **** the password out .cust purchased sys 2nd hand form ebay good condition but has the imfamious need password screen right before boot. went to dell they want your first child (or at least the name of origional owner ) or no soup for you! hellllllpp!

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Remove CMOS battery

by amirali In reply to dell bios password ,how t ...

If you can find a way to open the laptop, removing the CMOS battery for a few mins and reinserting it will return the BIOS settings to factory defaults and thus no more password.

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Only works on one of the models.

by post-master In reply to Remove CMOS battery

*Latitude L400*
You can clear
the password from this
laptop simply by removing
that CMOS Battery for 5 minutes.

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Dell Bios sugestion

by dave.meyer In reply to dell bios password ,how t ...

Most painless way would be to obtain a bios upgrade for the make/model of the Dell system. Flash with the DOS utility. This will reset the bios to factory setting. Ask around to find some one with a Dell user account. They can access the necessary utility and bios version for you. The whole install takes about 5 minutes...

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by dave.meyer In reply to Dell Bios sugestion

I have a Dell support account. I"ve located the file you need to flash & update the Bios.. You need the Dell File C610-A16.Exe. This is a Dos based flash utility. You copy it to a Floppy formated with a Dos system file then reboot and follow the promts.. If you can't access Dell just e-mail me and I'll forward the file.

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by cue69_69 In reply to Bios

Hi, I bought a dell C640 and I disconnected the battery and now every time I turn on the computer it ask me for a admin password. Can that file you spoke of be used to reboot my computer so I can get into the settings

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Try this source

by dave.meyer In reply to
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Where you can get something to fix it.

by post-master In reply to

I had the same problem a while back until I ran into this handy guide.
I am a PC repair specialist, and this was one of those things that they dont show you in school. ...

you can find this guide at
..Good luck..

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original Dell Password guide

by mr_plainkey In reply to Where you can get somethi ...

you sell an old and free copy. The only original and updated guide and software is available at

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Latitude bios password

by cybercity In reply to Bios

Hi Dave
I have problems getting my laptop to boot
no admin bios password on my laptitude d600.

The generator hack I found so far does not work propably too old. May be,you could help ?!

cu Colliar

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Bios or O.S?

by post-master In reply to Latitude bios password

Are you having trouble with a bios password or a Operating system password?

If it is a bios password you can replace the 24u05 chip or chort it to erase the password.

I sale a guide that shows you how to do it. Heres the link
The quick reference guide is for someone that knows how to take a laptop apart..etc..its 4$..
Worth it though.

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