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Dell bios reset (not password)

By pipesmurad ·
I have a Dell Inspiron 1000. I have no password guard or security set to it.

I want to RESET my BIOS configuration completely, but my Dell will not let me enter into the BIOS set up screen (I was in there yesterday and must have disabled or enabled something in the boot menu that is making me pay).

I have tried powering off, battery and cable out, pressing power for a minute while these are out, then commands like F2, F12, Alt F, Alt E, Ctrl Alt D, but nothing - it simply stays on the initial Dell screen and does not move anywhere no matter what is pressed.

Am I missing a secret set of buttons? Or do I need to perform mech surgery on some part of my Dell? If so, how?



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by BFilmFan In reply to Dell bios reset (not pass ...

Exactly what do you mean that it won't let you into the BIOS?

Exactly what is happening?

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One down, one to go....

by pipesmurad In reply to Hmmm

Well, what I meant was that I couldn?t get into the Bios Setup screen at all; the computer completely froze on the initial DELL screen and when you pressed F2 or F12 or Fanything, nothing happened.

After reading up a bit, I decided to perform laptop surgery: I removed the BIOS battery for 5 minutes, and when I restarted it, I could finally get into the Setup screen and so that program seems to be fine.

Now, Windows won?t start: not in SAFE mode, not in "go back to last good start," not in anything: when I try to run it in safe mode it starts to run through DOS-like motions, then the BLUE SCREEN comes up and reads:

"stop: c0000221 Bad Image Checksum" then "the image rpcrt4.dll is possibly corrupt."

Have I lost my hard drive? Can anything be saved? Or must I reBoot Windows? I also read that this could be a possible sign that the Hard Drive is dying.... not a good sign for a 15 month old Dell.

Thanks for any help,


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If you have Xp pro..

by post-master In reply to One down, one to go....

Run the cd and go through all the setup. at the end it will ask you if you want to repair or quit..of course use the Repair..

That might work.
If it doesn't. get a new hard drive and a external case for the hard drive.with this you will be able to recover some of the data if the hard drive isnt completely totaled. The external bay sometimes will let you read data off a damaged hard drive.

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