Dell CPU fan, aftermarket mobo...Help!

By dustman1995 ·
Ok, I have a Dell XPS 400 and I replaced the motherbaord. After solving the issue of it not turning on because there was no power button, I got it to turn on but the CPU fan would not turn on. I'm thinking it's more proprietary stuff. Does anybody know the pinout for that fan so I can put the wires in the right order? I have the pinout for the motherboard, so that's no prob. Thanks

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Which type of Fan is it?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell CPU fan, aftermarket ...

The Black Wire goes to the Negative, the Red Wire goes to the Positive the white wire should be the Speed Control for the fan speed.

That's the 3 wire connection the 4 wire Fans have an extra Wire generally Yellow which is for Sensor Wire.


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Give it a try

by dustman1995 In reply to Which type of Fan is it?

It has a black, red, white, and blue. I'll try the black and red first. The white and blue may be mixed up however. I know that on a dell PSU, the wires that are normally yellow,(+12V) are white. I know it will only cost about 12 bucks to get a new fan that fits the mobo, but I can't stand the fact that dell is forcing people to spend money unnecessarily for spare parts that are no longer covered under warranty. I'd rather beat their system and have my own little victory.

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There is a word for that

by santeewelding In reply to Give it a try

Been so long since my youth, though, that I can't think of it.

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Type of fan

by dustman1995 In reply to Which type of Fan is it?

The actual fan itself is a Nidec TA450DC. It is a 4 wire pulse width modulation fan. I'm going to take it to work and put power on the red and black to make sure that they are the power but as for the speed and sensor wires, who knows(blue, and white)

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You can also check the Voltage of the fan

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Type of fan

As The Chas has suggested it may be a 12 V not a 5 V Supply that is required.

What does the sticker on the fan actually say about it's Voltage?

Also if this of any help I've just grabbed a plastic bag of used Fans. All of the Intel Fans have a Red, Black and White Wires with a few 4 wire Fans having an additional Yellow Wire but the AMD ones seem to have Red and Black and as the speed Control Wire they are more or less equally split into White or Blue Wires.

Not much help as that was all I had lying around at the time and I do not have any of the more modern 4 Wire AMD Fans.


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order of wires, helpfull

by dustman1995 In reply to You can also check the Vo ...

Actually that tells me alot. I know for a fact that the red and black are 12V because I applied batt to it earlier. So, if the white wire is the sense wire(third from the right)then the blue should be the control wire. So in theory, the order of the wires is this, from right to left. 1-black 2-red 3-white 4-blue. I'm going to go apply this as soon as I get home and I'll let you guys know if I had success or if I blew sh#@ up!

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to order of wires, helpfull

I love the smell of burning M'Boards first thing in the mourning. :^0

But you should be reasonably safe doing that.


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Could Also Be

by TheChas In reply to Dell CPU fan, aftermarket ...

It could also be that Dell used a 12 volt fan rather then the motherboard standard of a 5 volt fan.

The easy fix might be to just buy a new heatsink and fan.


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by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Dell CPU fan, aftermarket ...

If you run the computer without the CPU fan you damage the chip as soon as it boots. It will melt very fast.

I was thinking, if you can replace a motherboard then why would you buy a DELL?

You may have to replace the power supply too. DELL warranty covers things like this usually. If you are out of warranty you might as well rebuild.

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luckily no

by dustman1995 In reply to BURNT?

The heat sink took the heat for the short time it was on thankfully. My first time doing this sort of project. The Dell was given to me and I found out along the way about their proprietary issues. It's become sort of a game now. Not really about if I 'want to' but more like 'can I?'

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