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Dell D600

By urclose2myheart ·
I'm using dell D600 for about a year. Suddenly, it doesn't start with AC Adapter plug into electrical outlet. Lights blink and goes off. However, it charges the battery and works fine with battery without AC Adapter plug into electrical outlet. Is this an Adapter fault? And how I can rectify it? Please HELP me!!! Operating System is Windows XP.

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Laptop fault

by Choppit In reply to Dell D600

The fact that the battery charges suggests to me that the mains adapter is OK. Sounds like a problem with the power switching circuitry inside the laptop. Some level of "intelligence" is also built into the batteries so this may also be a potential cause of problems. Is it possible to power the laptop from the mains adaptor with the battery removed?

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Dell D600 Power On Problem

by urclose2myheart In reply to Laptop fault

Thank you for your comments. I removed the battery and power the laptop from the mains adaptor. It powers upto the screen indicating "DELL" logo and goes off. After that when I press power on button it only powers on indicating lights and goes off. The same is happening when I power on with the battery.

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Mains adapter

by Choppit In reply to Dell D600 Power On Proble ...

It could possibly be an over voltage/current problem in which case the unit may power down to protect itself from damage. Check that the mains adapter is of the correct rating (V/A) and confirm the output voltage with a DVM. if this is OK, the laptop is likely at fault.

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bad power supply

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Mains adapter

bear in mind, my expertise doesn't necessary lie in laptops; however, i had the same problem with my desktop. i would only get so far during bootup and then the screen would go blank and the machine would power off. kept trying to at least get to safe mode and run some diagnostics, but eventually smelled a burning odor from teh back of my pc. it was a faulty power supply. dropped $50 on a new power supply. runs fine now. depending on your situation, maybe it's still covered under warranty.

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Dell D600 Problem

by nevlon In reply to bad power supply

I have 3 d600 laptops and i have changed around cpu the powerport works fine cause the batteries charge but still when i hit the power button i see the 3 led lights for 4 sec then they go off then if i hold it down for a whileit turns on sometimes so i cant sell them because they dont come on all the time why is it doing this????

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Remove main battery

by peter3354 In reply to Dell D600 Power On Proble ...

I do remove (often) the power supply and the main battery (down) and push over 2 minutes! the power button. This works, ut why this problem apair, i don't know

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