Dell D600-i hate this money eater

By wbm3884 ·
I have a dell d600 and of course i get the ac adapter message at start up. i bought a new adapter but the thing still says that the adapter isnt recognized. i noticed that the power jack is loose and jiggles to where i can even cut off the computer by moving the cord. is this why i am getting this message or is it something else. Can i replace the power jack my self and if so how (its like 5.00 on ebay).

Thanks in advance for the help

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by robo_dev In reply to Dell D600-i hate this mon ...

If you have the correct soldering tools,are comfortable taking your laptop apart,and have some fairly good soldering skills, yes.

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Yeah, that would probably be it.

by seanferd In reply to Dell D600-i hate this mon ...

Not sure if you want to try and do it yourself- just taking apart and putting back together a NB can be a major undertaking.

I'd also guess that it has soldered connections, and you would have to be extremely careful, using the right equipment.

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Like the weller soldering gun

by robo_dev In reply to Yeah, that would probably ...


Ideally you need a ESD-safe variable temp soldering station, as well as the appropriate solder, solder wick, flux remover, bench lighting, magnification, beer.

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Which is the appropriate beer?

by seanferd In reply to Like the weller soldering ...

I've tried Googling this to no avail.

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A couple of requirements..

by robo_dev In reply to Which is the appropriate ...

it has to be a bottle chilled to 40 degrees F, and contain the precisely correct alcohol percentage to steady your soldering hand.

Too much alcohol, and you start throwing tools at people, burning holes in things, throwing tools at things,burning holes in people.....v/

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:^0 (nt)

by seanferd In reply to A couple of requirements. ...
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by wbm3884 In reply to :^0 (nt)

thanks ill grab a few 40's of miller high life and have a go at it.

preciate the advice

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"Don't do it with a 40 in your system."

by seanferd In reply to ok

This just gets funnier.

Actually, if you get robo-dev's drift, you are probably OK. Good luck.

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???Docking Station???

by wbm3884 In reply to Like the weller soldering ...

would getting a docking station fix my power problem and charge the battery?

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