Dell D600 w/ Docking Station won't turn on

By kazdakid2 ·
I've had nothing but problems with this laptop.

A year ago the DC power plug on the back went out and I've been told that I have to invest in a new mboard. It works fine with a docking station so I got that instead.

Last night it was working fine but when I disconnected everything to move it to a different location in the house and plugged it back back, nothing happens. Both power on buttons (on station and laptop) don't do anything at all except turn the docking station's power button green. The batt LCD on the laptop blinks green about every 10 seconds while its plugged in. Am I screwed yet again? I just got the docking station 3 days ago...

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Just plug them them in one at a time to find out the problem..

It might just be a overload. Just plug your laptop in and see if it works. Plug one item in at a time and see which one makes the connection trip out.

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Still doesn't work

by kazdakid2 In reply to Just plug them them in on ...

If I plug the docking station in and then the laptop or hook the laptop up the docking station and then plug the dock in it does the same thing.

Me and my roommate figure it has to be something with the laptop itself because it has been on the docking station of a long time over the last few days and the battery should be charged. It doesn't turn on by itself or even make a noise. The only reaction I get at all from the laptop letting me know there is hope is the green light on the docking station turns on if I hit the power button on the laptop, but still there are no sounds even signalling that it is trying to start up..

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Take out the batt from the laptop and plug in the mains.

And see if the laptop boots up, if it does then it would be the batt.

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by kazdakid2 In reply to Take out the batt from th ...

The laptop itself does absolutely nothing. No start-up noise inside, no attempt to boot. The only thing on the laptop is the battery LED blinks green once every 10seconds or so and only while it's hooked up to the docking station. Nothing I do causes this to change.

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The blinking LED...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Nothing

... when it blinks once every 10 seconds or so, indicates it's in suspend/hibernate mode.

Have you tried pressing the arrow keys on the laptop to bring it out of that state?

Have you tried pressing and holding the power button for at least 5 seconds to turn it off, then pressing it one more time to turn it on?


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Just tried that again, no luck

by kazdakid2 In reply to The blinking LED...

At first I figured the computer was just hibernating but holding the power button does nothing other than keep the green power light on the docking station lit. I tried hitting the arrows (actually every button) and it doesn't come on either.

Since I've taken the battery out and put it back in the blinking has stopped. It only did it before when it was docked.

The last thing I did last night was hit the 'undock' button on the docking station, but didn't actually undocked it. Then I unplugged the charger from the wall and moved everything (still docked, supported underneath so the docking station didn't sag), put it on my table, plugged the charger back in, and tried to turn it on with no luck.

Sorry if I keep going over some of the same things but I want to give you guys a clear picture of what I've done and what is going on with it now. Thanks for all the help so far, even though nothing has worked :)

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Since you told it to undock and didn't.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Just tried that again, no ...

Try undocking it. The docking station may have a trip switch that needs to be reset.

In the future (if we ever get it running), never move the laptop while connected to the docking station. Always undock and move them as separate pieces. You could tear the connection completely off the motherboard. In fact, you may have already damaged it.


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Didn't know I should reply to the top...

by kazdakid2 In reply to Dell D600 w/ Docking Stat ...

I learned that now lol. I have actually undocked it already. For the most part, I've tried everything you can imagine to start it. I'm at work now and packed up the laptop, docking station (separately) and other items and brought them here with me and set it all back up.

Whats a way to tell if I damaged it and what do I do if I did? If it requires fixing which I'm sure it would, what would I be looking at for price-range? At the moment yesterday I had a feeling I shouldn't move it together but disregarded that notion for some stupid reason... If I messed it up because of that I'm going to be pretty disappointed.

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Well if all this posting could not find the cause..

I would take it to a repair shop.
Take out your hdd and do a copy of it. You can get a USB powered caddy (external case) for this.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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by kazdakid2 In reply to Well if all this posting ...

Yea, I'm a poor guy so this is the last option I wanted to go with but I'll see what happens when I get paid. Thanks for your patience guys. I'll follow up on here once I hear back from the shop. Thanks again!

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