Dell D600 wont power on

By mrinaldoss ·
My Dell D500 laptop power adaptor stopped working one day.It took 14 days to get a replacement adpator with same specifications.
But on pressing power switch,the batter sign come on for a blink( faint red colour) but it does not power up.
Battery was replaced only few months ago.
What could be the problem
Also there is no led on showing it is charging

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By your description the Battery is Flat

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell D600 wont power on

And the Mains Adaptor is failing to provide the power to charge the battery and run the NB.

Another possibility is that the M'Board in the NB has failed and has been the problem of failing mains adaptors. Also you should compare the new Mains Adaptor plug to the old Mains Adaptor Plug and make sure that both are identical where they plug into the Notebook. It's not beyond belief that there is a different plug fitted here that isn't making a proper connection and the Flat Battery is all the power that is available to the NB.


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what next?

by mrinaldoss In reply to By your description the B ...

But the mains adaptor failed because the wire got exposed.laptop was indeed working with battery for few days.But I suppose it still drains battery even when it is not in active use.
I dont want to change battery and then find out that it was never the issue

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Look at the actual Plug that plugs into the NB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what next?

The inner hole may be bigger than on the old one and is not making contact. If that's the case you only have the battery to run on.

If the Plug is identical your next thing is to measure the Voltage out and for this you need a Volt Meter and you need to read the Power Adaptor to make sure that the device is within Specs. It should be putting out 15 to 20 Volts and provided that it is no lower and only up to 5 Volts higher the Mains Adaptor is working correctly. If that is the case your only other alternative is the NB's M'Board.


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Just did this experiment

by mrinaldoss In reply to Look at the actual Plug t ...

1.My laptop works fine with my friends battery
2.My battery powers on my friends laptop
3.My battery would not power on my laptop!!
so what next??

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power adapter

by oharaphil In reply to Just did this experiment

Did you check your new power adapter on your friends laptop? and vice versa...
When you say the batteries worked fine , on your friends laptop,where you using the mains power at same time..or just the battery on its own.

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Well if the Battery works in another NB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Just did this experiment

You only have one thing left and that is the M'Board.

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Ever resolve problem?

by dco5000 In reply to what next?

Did you ever find out why your Dell was not powering on? I have same symptom with mine? If it was a part (aka Motherboard) could you please include part #, approx price and where you found it and how you determined that was definitely it.

Appreciate any help you can offer.

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power adapter

by oharaphil In reply to Dell D600 wont power on

where did you get the power adapter from , is it from Dell ? the reason im asking is that you state that it took 14 days to get "adpator with same specifications".
If this adapter was not supplied by dell then there is a good chance that the connection that goes to NB is the wrong size as mentioned in the other response.
Is there anyone in your office that has the same make of laptop that the power adapter/battery from yours could be tested?

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D600 Wont power on - FIXED

by dco5000 In reply to Dell D600 wont power on

See this thread. Press down above F9 and F10 key while pressing power button. Machine came right on.

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