Dell D600

By graciefox ·
My laptop crashed and I need to get my photos from it...I have read that I need to remove my hard drive...Is this the right thing to do?

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by willcomp In reply to Dell D600

You can certainly remove hard disk and connect to another PC using a USB adapter or enclosure.

Another possibility is booting from a Knoppix or UBCD4Win CD and transferring files if notebook is still working.

For a hard drive failure, files may not be retrievable without sending disk to a data recovery company.

How did PC "crash?" More particulars will help us determine the best approach.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell D600

It all depends on what has gone wrong here. If it is a HDD failure removing the HDD will be necessary but connecting it to another system somehow is unlikely to result in the recovery of anything at all.

If it is a corrupt Windows install then using a Live Linux like Knoppix STD will allow you to use your existing hardware and save the files.


If it is a general Hardware failure not related to the HDD then you'll need to remove the HDD anyway to get to your Data but here depending on the OS in use, Any Security that you had in place you may have problems accessing your Data if you haven't backed it up anyway. Generally speaking you can recover all your Data off a Working HDD unless you had enabled the Encrypted File System in XP Pro then you have a major problem as you need the original HDD and OS to decrypt your Files unless you have a Backup of the Encryption Key. If you can not provide one of these options on the same OS you'll never see your Data in a readable form ever again.

You may also be required to Take Ownership of the Files/folders and this varies depending on the OS that was in use to.


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