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Dell demension

By aruiz23 ·
My home Dell Demension is running really slow when for example if I need to go to my computer icon it takes about a minute to open up. Thats not to mention the internet. Any ideas??

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by fred07 In reply to Dell demension


Do the Following

Open int explorer any page and delete all files
not the cookies

in int explorer delete also the history

Above found in int explorer "tools"

Then defrag your sys

If problem persists you may need to also go to adaware and scan for trojans, worms, spyware, maleware and viruses.

Symantec and spybot or I use spywarenuker and Norton sys works or any other you like but you need to scan your sys for outside programs that are running in the background.

There are many aps that will slow your pc

I keep my aps on startup to an absolute min and do weekly scans to watch for outside programs that use resorceses that I do not even want but are placed as you brouse the web.

Hope this helps


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by pierrejamme In reply to Dell demension

In addition to the above, an excellent answer, try:
1.) Uninstall any unecessary programs.
2.) Remove anything from startup that doesn't need to be there Realplay, etc.
Find on the Internet. It may not be around anymore, but i beleive the one I use at home is from XP. They say you can also use the (8 version but it gives you errors. Remove everything from startup and then add back as needed to see what happens.

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