Dell Deminsion 2400 OS Re-Install

By davedavis9 ·
Noob here plz help. I am trying to load the windows xp home oem OS onto a new harddrive that I purchashed for this computer as the old one went south. It boots from the CD just fine and goes thru the whole deal of loading all the setup files and even has me choose which drive to load it on then loads all required files, so everything seems normal to this point but then upon its auto restart the screen starts flashing and flashing and then it comes to the promt "press any key to boot from cd" I dont touch a thing as this would just start the process over. Well anyway it seems to lose its video or something because the screen just flashes and flashes. The harddisk light shows some activity is happening and the cd turns and acts likes its reading. It does this for about 5 minutes and all activity stops, the computer stays on but the screen is still flashing. Ive never seen this before while trying to install an OS. Ive never owned a Dell so maybe its me. The BIOS setup is very limited as to what choices I can make. If anyone has any ideas plz help me. I'm at a total loss. Sorry so lengthly. Have a great day. Dave

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