Dell Desktop turns on/off 3 times then boots but...

By reelnmn ·
I have a Dell Desktop...can't remember the model. Yesterday I booted it up and everything went flawlessly. I needed to move the computer to a different room so today I move it to the new location and now when I boot it up this is what I get...

Starts up for about 1 second
Cuts off for a second...
This repeats three times and it boots all the way up, however the monitor is not getting any signal.

Not sure how this could happen overnight. Any ideas?

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RE: Not sure how this could happen overnight.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell Desktop turns on/off ...

Probably because it didn't happen overnight.

It happened because of the move most likely.

Open the case remove the Video Card and refit it. With AGP Video Cards they are very sensitive to even slight movement and when they move in the socket they often stop working.

About the Turning on and off this is most likely because of Dust Bunnies int he case and the AGP Video Card not correctly in it's socket.


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On your way to the different room

by santeewelding In reply to Dell Desktop turns on/off ...

Did you trip and fall with it?

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by reelnmn In reply to On your way to the differ ...

No trip or fall...nice smooth move onto the desk...all of about 15 feet.

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The problem however often comes

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to lol

From unplugging the Video lead.

If you have a AGP Video Card just unplugging the Video Lead from some cases can cause the card to move slightly breaking the Video Cards Connection with it's socket.

Also if you have 2 Sockets for the Video Lead have you made sure that you have it plugged into the correct socket. If the M'Board has On Board Video and a Video Card has been fitted the On Board Video gets turned off so it doesn't work.

When that happens you need to use the lower Video Socket not the one on the Back Plate with the other connections.


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