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Dell Dimension 4400

By krd2006 ·
Yesterday I posted on my computer that after installing a new motherboard, my computer still will not go past the Windows XP loading window. Goes to a quick blue screen and repeats. I did attempt to follow previous instructions (F and the diag. screen, but I get nowhere there either. F8 - there is no place to allow me to disable automatic startup. Going into safe mode drops a long line of commands (lines) of different commands. And I am unable to get to any diagnostic screen. But I cannot also read that blue page that flashes on before shutting down and restarting. Would it be my HD, processor, my OP system? I am at a complete loss! Brand new exact motherboard, but still no changes to the initial problem, so I have eliminated that. Any help?? Thanks a bunch!!

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Could be anything but most times

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell Dimension 4400

With restarts during loading Windows it's a corrupted Windows Install that is the offending problem.

The solution here is to do a In Place Install which you can not do with your Dell Recovery Disc you need a M$ OEM Install Disc to do this.

Failing that you can download the Emergency Boot CD and attempt to repair the Windows Installation.

If you are convinced that you have a Hardware problem get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and test your Hardware here

And finally if you want to backup your Data to Burnable Media or an external Drive download a Live Linux boot the system off that and backup all your Data.

After you have all your Data Backed up you can use the Dell Recovery Disc to rebuild the system to As New and start fresh.


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Sometimes 'exact same' can be different

by robo_dev In reply to Dell Dimension 4400

If the chipset of the IDE controller is a teeny-bit different, it's game over.

Put the HDD back on the old MOBO, change the IDE drivers thru device manager to the Microsoft (generic ide) drivers (versus the vendor hardware specific driver).

Now with the generic microsoft ide drivers loaded in windows, you could probably plug that hard drive into the most weird no-name mobo, and it would boot right up.

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Did you read the replies

by bincarnato In reply to Dell Dimension 4400

Take a look at the replies posted yesterday. In the F8 menu, look for disable autmatic restart, not startup. If you don't have it in the list, either you don't have SP2 installed for XP or you are not at the F8 startup menu, but the one that will come up automatically when Windows fails to load. That being said, start hitting F8 as soon as you see the Dell spalsh screen and don't stop until you see the Windows Startup Menu.

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Yesterdays Replys

by krd2006 In reply to Dell Dimension 4400

Yep, I did read them and tried BOTH of them. The F8, I do get to the startup screen, but that option is not in my list. There is the safe mode options, boot option, VGA option, debugging option, some controller option. But no automatic restart option. When I try the safe mode option, a screen opens with a number of what appear to be partition commands, file commands etc...
I can't even get to a prompt to type a command. I just keeps repeating itself no matter what I do or where I go.
Thanks a bunch guys!! I will try anything at this point!!

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If you still have original MOBO, try the generic IDE driver change

by robo_dev In reply to Yesterdays Replys

see earlier post

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Then Skip to this part

by bincarnato In reply to Yesterdays Replys

If the drive passes the diagnostics, then you need to run check disk to try and repair. To do that you'll need the Windows XP CD you got from Dell with the PC.

Here is link on how to get to the recovery console:

Follow to step 5.

Once you can type a command in, type this: "chkdsk /r" without the quotes. It will run for a while and then you will get the command prompt again. Type "exit" and your machine will reboot. Hopefully it will boot to desktop.

If message is anything other than what I said, repost the error.

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My Bad!

by krd2006 In reply to Dell Dimension 4400

It came with NO CD's. Plus, I failed to make recovery CD's after I got it. I know...I know...... if I had, I wouldn't be in this spot now! But, regardless, this is where I am, and you guys are giving me great advice! Thanks again!!

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Other CDs

by bincarnato In reply to My Bad!

OK, then do you have a Windows XP or Windows 2000 CD from any PC? You can use one of those to run check disk from the recovery console. I just assumed you had the CDs but this is definiately not a show stopper if you have a CD from another PC.

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