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Dell Dimension 4550 Will Not Power On

By knighta ·
I have a Dell Dimension 4550. The PC would not power on so I replaced the power supply and it still will not power on. There is a green light on the motherboard but no other lights and no power. Does anyone have any ideas what I should look at now...


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by Erekose MCNE In reply to Dell Dimension 4550 Will ...

There are a lot of things you can try. Try swapping memory as you may have a bad RAM chip. If the light is solid green, then it is getting power and something else is not working. You may have a ase grounding problem or a dead CPU. You son't say if the fans spin or not. See if you can remove the board from the case and apply power. Be careful not to short out the board. If it works then you have a case problem. If the light is amber and green then you have an internal power problem somewhere. Check the power connectiosn to the motherboard. You may end up calling Dell. Check that you are not overloading your circuit you plugged the PC into as well.

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by Ann777 In reply to Dell Dimension 4550 Will ...

Did you have the green light with the original PSU ? If yes, then the power supply is not the problem. Probably it is the systemboard.

In either case, calling Dell for advice would be the best option.

My husband took the power supply from an older (working but unused) Dell Desktop computer and tried to replace his power supply with it, but nothing would work with that power supply in his system (non-Dell). He purchased a new PSU and had no problem.

You may need a specific PSU for your computer.

But considering that you get the green light on the systemboard, you probably have a systemboard problem (ie. it's seeing some power).

The 4550 is a newer model; I'd recommend seeking Dell's assistance before doing anything more. Especially if the unit is still under warranty.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Dell Dimension 4550 Will ...

Actually I think there are 4 LEDs on the motherboard. Checking them may tell you what is wrong. I tried putting a new vid card in a 4550 here and it booted once and then didn't. put the old car retired the new card (Wildcat I think), booted once and then not again. Apparently the voltage requirement was different. have you changed vid cards recently?
If not call Tech support if you still have it.

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by wk_leow In reply to Dell Dimension 4550 Will ...

if replacing power supply doesnt help,then check on motherboard.

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