Dell Dimension 5150 Wont Power Up

By paulhesford2003 ·
I have a Dell Dimension 5150, which would not power up and was showing a flashing amber light. I remved the cmos battery and replaced with a new battery this seemd to solve the problem until recently I had the same problem again but now -
There is no flashing light only the green mobo light removing the cmos battery will not start. The only sign o f life isthe green led on the motherboard

Thanks For your help

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Try changing the Power Supply

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell Dimension 5150 Wont ...

If this doesn't have any effect reduce it to the Bare Minimum and try powering again. Listen for any BIOS Beeps and follow the Beep Code to solve the problem.


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And if that doesn't have any effect

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Try changing the Power Su ...

Look at the M'Board for any signs of Damage.

Things like Budging or leaking Capacitors particularly those Electronic Capacitors around the CPU. Black or otherwise damaged components and or Broken Tracks and Bad Solder Joints are all things to look for.

You can also try removing all Plug In Components except the CPU and clean the contact edges with a soft rubber/eraser.

Naturally clean out the case with low pressure Compressed Air Canned Air and prevent any fans from spinning as they can generate Electricity which can damage components.

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Power Supply

by willcomp In reply to Dell Dimension 5150 Wont ...

First, try another power supply. Although the 5150 is a BTX form factor, it uses standard ATX connections. You can borrow an ATX power supply from another PC to test.

Although a standard ATX power supply will fit and connect, you may want to purchase an exact replacement due to custom power cable lengths and configuration. That's provided the problem is the power supply.

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If the replacement PSU won't work it's the Mobo

by wanttocancel In reply to Dell Dimension 5150 Wont ...

I do warranty repair on Dell desktops and laptops and I've worked on a few 5150s. If the replacement PSU won't revive your computer then the mobo's toast. If you have a warranty on the computer then call Dell up and have a replacement sent out to you (after you go through their lenghty troubleshooting process). If you don't then find a local computer repair shop or if you are a diy person then replace the mobo yourself.

By the way, you said you see an amber it steady or blinking? Also, do you hear any beeps?

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Power is On

by paulhesford2003 In reply to Dell Dimension 5150 Wont ...

Strange but true. Went into the office this morning and to my surprise the computer was powered up and working. I had left it plugged in the night before with the cmos battery still on the table

Replaced cmos battery and Switched it off from windows and it switched back on yes it worked.

Unplugged the machine went to restart guess what no response.

So I think that this cant be a fatal component failure but cant get the machine to power up no lights are displayed no beeps totally lifeless

Thanks Paul

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Still Probably Power Supply

by willcomp In reply to Power is On

Most likely cause is a weak capacitor in the power supply. Can't be certain when dealing with such symptoms, but that's the most probable cause.

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Or something has got hot

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Still Probably Power Supp ...

And gone way off spec.

Really sounds like a Bad Power Supply though and if I was a betting person my first bet on the Faulty Part would be the Electrolytic Capacitors in the PS.


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Power Supply

by paulhesford2003 In reply to Still Probably Power Supp ...

Well thanks for all your help. I will order a new powersupply and see how we get on. Will post back my results

Thanks Paul

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A thought

by paulhesford2003 In reply to Power Supply

Do you think its still the power supply if when I get the computer running it will run for weeks aslong as i dont switch off at the plug?

I it not somthing linked to start up?

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Still a Cap

by willcomp In reply to A thought

Still most likely a weak capacitor. Symptoms point that direction.

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