dell dimension problem

By eltonpiko ·
hi guy im realy loosing my head iv got a dell dimension 8300 pc thats gone crazy iv try all i could with it change ram,psu,graphics card still noting. the problem is that it wont boot up most of the times. everythings power up cpu fan,hd,cdriver power led but the diagnostic led at the back doesnt light up at all wich i read on dell site that it mean pre bios failer what ever that is.but when it boot up it will work fine without a problem you can even restart it no problem but as soon as you shut down youll be lucky to have it back on again pls help

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Mother Board

by TheChas In reply to dell dimension problem

With all that you have swapped out and tried, the most likely problem is a bad mother board. Probably a problem with the on board regulators.

Take a close look at the silver topped cylinders near the CPU socket and power cable.

If any of these have rounded instead of flat tops, or show signs of liquid leaking from them, you have found the problem.

Even if it is not the filter caps, I still believe you have a bad mother board.


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by eltonpiko In reply to Mother Board

i did check to see if theres any capacitors leaking ive fix a couple of motherboard with this problem by changing the leaked one with new but this board is free of all that.what confuse me is that when it boot you wont have a single problem with it unless you shut down can chip bios do that mayb can flash bios and reinstall?

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Check CMOS Battery

by TheChas In reply to motherboard

You could check or replace the CMOS battery and see if that helps.

If the battery voltage is low, I would clear the CMOS and start over with the settings.

I usually do not recommend flashing the BIOS unless the update corrects a problem you have been having.

I did have a motherboard with similar symptoms that I replaced recently. When I had inspected it, the caps looked good. 2 months later, just setting on the shelf, 3 caps had bulges in them.


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by eltonpiko In reply to Check CMOS Battery

i was having cmos battery low problem before even if i changed the battery and restarting sometimes without any notice.then it started the not booting problem

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Have you got a Post Card

by Jacky Howe In reply to dell dimension problem

You can use it to find out where it is stopping and diagnose from there.

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post card?

by eltonpiko In reply to Have you got a Post Card

what do you realy mean by a post card?is it the documatation from dell with the diagnostic light code?

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by Snuffy09 In reply to dell dimension problem

Use the jumper on the MB to flash/reset the CMOS

Replace the Battery

It looks like you replaced everything but the motherboard, id do that next.

Good Luck

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