Dell Dimension XPS T500

By rue12gamer7 ·
Today I acquired the above computer at a surplus auction for $5.00.
Could anyone tell me how to open the case on the Dell T500??!! Please!!
I am at a complete loss, don't want to break anything, and it's not the first computer I opened up
There are no visible screws, except one big one in the back, but loosening it doesn't help. Cannot pop off the front panel either.

Thanks in advance.
rue gamer

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I am not a Dell tech, But..

by w2ktechman In reply to Dell Dimension XPS T500

I have worked on a few Dell systems. On the underside of the system there may be a lever, to release the front panel to access the screws

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Thank You

by rue12gamer7 In reply to I am not a Dell tech, But ...

Thanks for trying.
I was able to get a service manual from Dell (imagine that for an old machine like that 1998 or thereabouts). It shows in detail on how to open the case.
Thanks again.
rue gamer

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Dell Dimension XPS T

by revehub In reply to Dell Dimension XPS T500

You may have this info already, but in case you don't.

After you unscrew the large screw in the center-rear of the side cover; simply squeeze the top and bottom grips towards one another, then slide the side panel back and it will release from the locking grooves. (not the official tech-jargon, but it's how I remove my panel when I'm working on it).

Hope this helps!

Sorry, I just noticed that this request had a previous response, please disregard.

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Dell Dimension XPS T

by rue12gamer7 In reply to Dell Dimension XPS T

thank you very much.
Even if it was late, nevertheless, it was useful.
I wound up having a relative opening the case "by force" LOL.
Thanks again.

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