Dell dimension

By rickd_6 ·
I have a dell dimension 5100it boots then freezes, is there any solution to the problem or do i need a new mainboard

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We'll need more info

by seanferd In reply to Dell dimension

What operating system?

Please describe "freezing", and when it occurs. (Immediately after boot? Do you get to log in? Does the OS start to load? Finish loading?)

Any error message?

Have you tried booting into a Safe Mode?

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No operating system

by rickd_6 In reply to We'll need more info

It starts and as soon as it comes to the first bar that comes across the screen which says Dell 5100 it stops

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So it is saying, "Operating system not found"?

by seanferd In reply to No operating system

Make sure you don't have a CD in the drive, or a USB drive or flash drive connected if they are set in BIOS to boot before the hard drive.

Enter BIOS setup and ensure that the hard drive is detected.

You may want to open the machine and check that the power and data cables are seated properly on both ends.

You also may try this: Unplug the HDD, start the machine until BIOS finishes loading. Shut it off, reconnect the cables, and reboot.

Do you have a recovery partition or CD for the system? You may need to boot one of these and repair the boot files. Use F12 (I believe) to choose to boot from a HDD recovery partition. If CD, then let it load until you are given the choice, then choose recovery.

It is a bit different for XP and Vista - which do you use?

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