Dell G3 15 CPU fan grinding noise

By jmnjam ·
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Hi! Looking for some advice on my laptop. It is relatively new (about 4 months old) and recently the CPU fan has begun making a very strange grinding noise. I have opened it up and cleared out all the dust I could find but the noise continues. The noise seems to respond to movement eg. a light slap on the body to the right of the track pad. It's probably worth noting that I recently replaced the screen on my laptop and the noise begun a few days / a week after that. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Recording of noise:

Laptop Model : Dell G3 15 3000
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That noise is the Fan Blades hitting some wires

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell G3 15 CPU fan grindi ...

Or some solid plastic part near them.

In NB's the wires inside them tend to be taped in place to prevent this happening but as you have had it open the wires could have moved or the fan could not be in quite the same position you'll have to open it up again and find out what the fan is touching as it spins.

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Re: That noise is the Fan Blades hitting some wires

by jmnjam In reply to That noise is the Fan Bla ...

The fan is under a casing so its hard to see what it's touching when it's running. However I took the fan out today and gave it a spin and it didn't make any noise whatsoever. There is a ribbon cable that runs under the fan that may cause a problem?

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Yes I would say that is what it is hitting

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re: That noise is the Fan ...

Any wires should not be over or under the fan as when the unit is assembled it will touch the fan and make that noise.

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