dell gx240 optiplex power problems

By we5dorrs ·
My computer won't turn on. Power is connected & light on motherboard is amber. Checked connections from power button to MB & all is good. Press power button & nothing happens. Help!! Thanks.

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get a new power supply....

by ---TK--- In reply to dell gx240 optiplex power ...

or a power supply tester, they are pretty inexpensive...

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PSU or Motherboard

by willcomp In reply to dell gx240 optiplex power ...

First inspect capacitors on motherboard for signs of swelling or leakage. Here are some guidelines:

If capacitors look OK, disconnect all drives (power and signal cables), remove all cards except video card, and disconnect external devices except monitor and keyboard.

If it still won't boot, swap PSU (power supply). You can borrow one from another PC for testing.

If PSU swap does not work, you most likely have a failed motherboard.

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Try this, If you think you can.

by LarryD4 In reply to dell gx240 optiplex power ...

Unplug the PC from the wall.

Open the PC and then unplug the motherboard connection to the power supply.

Wait a minute, then put everything back.

An amber light on gx240 means it is in power save mode. I have had a few gx260's that got stuck in that mode and we could not get them out, with out diconnecting everything and plugging it all back in.

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Wrong Amber Light

by willcomp In reply to Try this, If you think yo ...

According to description, he has an amber LED lit on mobo signifying presence of 5VDC standby power. I know what you are referring to (amber power LED on case front) and it sure won't hurt to try unplugging and replugging.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Wrong Amber Light

The GX260 MB lite goes amber when its in sleep mode..

Seems like we all have Dell down to a science..

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