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    dell gx270 restarts automatically after i leave it for sometime


    by hafeez_ssael ·

    hi, iam the IT Administrator supporting 1000+ desktops. we have an issue with dell gx270 machines. When users login and go for their breaks , when they come back to unlock the PC reboots automatically.
    I have done few tests
    1) checked eventviewer but there were no error log.
    2) there were no irq conflicts
    3) done bios update
    4) replaced heat sink and motherboard fan
    5) ran dell diagnostic utility tool and all tests passed.
    6) replaced memory sticks

    dell has no clue about this incident but we have around 30 pc’s which have reported this problem.

    when computer wont respond to keystroke or mouse, checked CPU and i could see led blue and powersupply on, could see some activity on the rare side of PC. the only option is poweroff manually and pull power cable and then plug it back and restart.

    does anybody has clue how to get this fixed.

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      Just a guess

      by tom_in_nj ·

      In reply to dell gx270 restarts automatically after i leave it for sometime

      The computers might be having difficulty coming out of hibernation or stand-by. You might try disabling those settings.

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        That was my first thought

        by jdmercha ·

        In reply to Just a guess

        Make sure any power saving features in the BIOS are disabled as well. If you are concerned about security, just test this out on a single machine. If one machine, with all power management disabled and no screen saver, can sit idle without a problem. Then you will know it is a software issue. If so you may have some software conflict.

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          RAM ?

          by dlyons ·

          In reply to That was my first thought

          did you swap out any memory chips to see if that could be a problem ?

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          Plug and play BIOS

          by blaznt ·

          In reply to RAM ?

          98, 98Se, 2000, XP all over ride settings in the BIOS. Make sure all power settings are set correctly. Even if it looks correct in the settings make sure by reselecting them then selecting Apply. This is most important.
          We have a similar issue with all the laptops. The power settings look right but if the user tried to change the setting they would get access denied. I had to make them power users or better. I even tried changing there rights back are setting them but it would not stay.

          Happy hunting. It took me weeks to figure it out.

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      gx270 reboots

      by michael.manak ·

      In reply to dell gx270 restarts automatically after i leave it for sometime

      This is a common problem with these units. Check for blown MB caps. Chances are you need to replace the mainboard on these systems.

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