dell Hard Drive error code 0f00:0244

By shobhits ·
My Dell Inspiron laptop is showing the following error:

dell error code 0f00:0244
Seems like the Hard disk has failed.

Can anyone kindly tell me how to recover my data and the operating system as WIn XP came pre-installed on my DELL laptop & they did not give me a Win XP CD.


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error: 0f00:0244

This error is not where related to HDD, this error seems to be with the systemboard (Motherboard), However if you want to recover the data from the computer, can perform parallel installation ( override the existing os, and isntall another, however, after backingup the data u must perform clean installation) and can recover the data.

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And if you run the "Verify" test you get

by Kenone In reply to dell Hard Drive error cod ...

Error Code 0F00:1A44
right? Drive is toast. Is it under Warranty? Get them to send you a new HDD and restore disks. No warranty? buy a new drive and get Dell to send /sell you the restore disks.

Dell Techician Huh?

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by clarkd038 In reply to dell Hard Drive error cod ...

You can buy an external hard drive enclosure. This is a good way to retrieve data that is stored on the disk. Just plug it into another computer, and copy all of the data into that computer. That way you still have all of the data so when you get the restore disks and reinstall xp you can put the data back on the laptop.

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Well firstly if the Drive actually is Dead you Can Not

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dell Hard Drive error cod ...

Recover anything off the Drive unless you are wiling to spend thousands of $ at a Data Recovery House.

What you need to do here is test the Drive with the Drive Makers Testing Utility. If you want a Accurate Diagnosis of the HDD you need to test it in th original computer and if it fails the test there you need to remove it and test again in a different computer. If it still fails the drive is Dead and in Silicon Heaven. But if it passes the second test the M'Board, Data Lead or Power Lead are damaged and need replacing.

Either way if the Drive is functional you can slip it into an External USB Caddy and read it on another computer to recover your Data or maybe even Clone it to a new HDD if necessary. But no matter what happens now you should contact Dell and Buy a Recovery Set for this computer. HDD do fail and Recovery Partitions are not an option when this happens. If you don't have the Dell Supplied Recovery Set you are up against it and it only gets worse from this point on.

While you can use a OEM Install Disc from M$ it will not have the necessary drivers or Factory Supplied Software. A couple of Inspiron that I have rebuilt Windows on recently required close to 2 Gig's of Downloaded Data just for the Drivers and then there where many that where not required as Dell list all possible drivers for every model of system that they make so if that unit was made for several years there are a lot of possible drivers that are available for it.

Of course other than Roxio there was no other software available so you would have to go out and buy this to get the computer to a usable stage again. Just having Windows Installed doesn't give you a usable computer just a functional one.

You'll need the HDD Makers Testing Utility to get the correct results as using a different makers testing utility will most likely not work at all and if it does it is likely to give the wrong results.

So Seagate is


WD uses








Look at the type of HDD that you have and then download the correct Testing Utility from the Makers Web Site and you can then proceed from there


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The Exact error messages

by shobhits In reply to dell Hard Drive error cod ...

Deal Col and all,
Thanks for all your detailed replies. Let me
share with you what is happening on my laptop
with exact error messages:

When I start my laptop, I see a Blue Screen
with the following error:
STOP: 0x00000 <Some Address>

After that, I reboot my laptop and go to the
advanced options where I get multiple choices
like "Safe Mode" "Safe Mode with Command
Prompt" , "Last Known Good Configuration",
"Start Windows Normally", etc.

Upon selecting "Last Known Good
Configuration" Or "Start Windows Normally"
again lead me to the same BLUE screen.

Upon selecting "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode with
Command Prompt" shows some SYS file listings
and is stuck up at the following file:

It doesnt go beyond this and I have to again
reboot the laptop.

Upon running the Dell diagnostics test, I am
getting the following error:
DST Short Test - 'Fail' - code 1000-0146"
"msg: Unit 2: DST Log contains previous

I also get "Error 0F00-136C Msg: IDE device
failed: Blank media or no media is presentin
optical drive. Test requires media with
digital data" error pops up.

Any idea how can I fix this issue to atleast
get my Windows start up so as to copy my
data. Will it require a hard disk

Appreciate your help.

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You are getting a Error about a HDD Failing it's test

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The Exact error messages

So what you really need to do to isolate the fault is to test it on other Hardware as the M?Board HDD controller and HDD are exactly what is being tested here. To find out if the problem is the HDD or M?Board you should test the Drive in another computer.

If you like you can buy a new HDD and mount it in this computer and then try to load it with the Dell Recovery Disc. Of course if the M?Board?s HDD Controller is the problem it will not load or even reach the Format Stage but by removing the current HDD and mounting it in another computer as a Slave you can copy all of your Data off the drive to some form of Backup Media if the HDD is working. It?s just an expensive way to test things if it?s not required.

Also if this has a IDE HDD in it you also need to look at the upper Limit of HDD size imposed by the BIOS as if you get one too big you will get the same problem Windows not installing. Depending on the model of Dell that this is you could have a SATA HDD and a IDE Optical Drive. Without the Model Number it?s hard to say a lot or point you to the Service Manual for this model.

The text that you see on the screen while booting into Safe Mode is what was last loaded so here the MUP.Sys Fie was successful loaded but the next unlisted File wasn?t and this is why the unit is hanging here. So the Multiple UNC Provider is loaded but whatever is next in the Que is failing to either be read off the HDD or loading.

If you have a M$ Branded Install Disc as apposed to the Dell Recovery Disc I would say try a In Place Install where the existing System Files are over written and the Windows OS is reloaded but unfortantlly because Dell Supply Slipstreamed Recovery Discs this isn?t an option here.

If you can lay your hands on a M$ Branded Install Disc of the same type of XP as you have on the Dell that is XP Home, XP Pro or XP Media Centre you can do a In Place install and use your current Product Key but this isn?t an option with the Dell Recovery Disc which requires a Format of the HDD before it starts the install process and this will wipe all of your data.


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Sounds like your hdd has gone...

This will back up your data:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Spinrite 6

by Rick Hults In reply to dell Hard Drive error cod ...

From Gibson Research.
Has "bailed my bits out" many times.
It is inexpensive, thorough AND Effective!!
It may take all night but it's worth the wait as it looks deeply at every last one & zero on the drive and is most often able to completely recover data and restore usability.
Find it here:

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by gary In reply to Spinrite 6

What ever happened to chkdsk /r in recovery console

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to ????

Only a year out of sync.

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