Dell Inspiron 1000

By rprzybylow ·
Does anyone know of an exact diagram as to where the eeprom chip is on my motherboard. I have been looking for a LONG time. I need a pic with a red dot because I am a Polock and can't find the darn thing.

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I don't think that what you want exists

by OH Smeg In reply to Dell Inspiron 1000

Dell itself doesn't make that type of thing but then again they don't make the M'Board either so maybe going directly to the M'Board maker would be a better option.

The other thing to consider is what you want to locate the EPROM for unlike Desktop Computers this is not mounted in a socket but soldered tot he M'Board so you are unable to remove it to bypass any security like Power On Passwords.

If you need to replace the EPROM you really need to change the M'Board or spend thousands on the correct equipment to work on a M'Board with Surface Mount Technology. Weller used to have a Soldering Station years ago that could do this but it was well in excess of 46K + Consumables.


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Call Dell

by Russell Gates In reply to Dell Inspiron 1000

There are 2 that I know of algorithm generators for Dell bios. The older one is allegedly hacked. The new one is not as far as I know. When you enter an incorrect BIOS PW 3 times it gives you an error code. If you are the rightful owner or know the rightful owners personal info you can get them to unlock it for you. It's a real pain like 1+ hours telephonic. Don't hang up make sure the HD isn't locked either!!
Did it for a client once.

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In Response

by rprzybylow In reply to Dell Inspiron 1000

I did call Dell, They want $$$$ and I don't believe in paying for something that I can find on the web. I just thought that someone on this site might know, or maybe have a pic of the mobo with a red dot telling me which eprom chip it is, I know it is an eight pin chip underneath near the ram? I have been reading for hours, but I can not find it. Also I have a SMD Rework Station, but I am only going to flash it, not replace it. I am about to order another mobo now, but if I can flash this one it will save my customer hundreds.


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The Surface Mount Chips

by OH Smeg In reply to In Response

Are first glued into position and then Ultraviolety Soldered to the Solder Pads on the M'Board.

Even if you could get one off without damaging the M'Board you still have to place it on the M'Board without creating a Short Circuit or cross connecting the wrong Legs to the Solder Pads.

It's not at all easy even with the small Leg Counts involved and totally impossible with any LSI or VLSI Chip.

Those things are placed into position by Robots which are laser guided and to attempt to repair them is horrendously expensive.

You could however try places like BIOS man and see if they have replacement BIOS Chips. When you have a new one in your hand you'll know what you are looking for.

OH and BTW I have never seen a 8 Leg EPROM Chip ever I used to program them when they where all of 64K capacity for Fuel Injection Systems on Race Cars and those small ones had 16 legs.


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If you're still at it

by Russell Gates In reply to Dell Inspiron 1000

I had a client with a PW on the BIOS. I pretended to be him with Dell!!
Before that I found there is an algorithm generator for the error code that comes up when you enter the password 3 times bad. There is a master PW password based upon that 4? A-N key or is it 6?
There are 2? of these BIOS types. The older one you can find hack software on the net. The newer one is not cracked yet that I know of. It's been several months so the info isn't real tight in the noggin'.)
I also understand you can short the eprom. You just have to know where it is and which leg holds the data? Scary stuff but since you are working under the 14 hour rule why the hades not?

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by Russell Gates In reply to If you're still at it

If its a hexadecimal then you could read it? Nah that would be to simple even for Dell.
Oh and when my clients ask me about Dell I always say D is how many letters away from H?

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by gigitcpu In reply to Dell Inspiron 1000

email me at and send me your service tag

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