Dell Inspiron 1520 with Vertical Line

By bshaffer300 ·
I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop. Tonight after using it, a vertical line appeared down the center of the LCD screen. Any ideas what this may be or how to fix this issue?

I know Dell has had Vertical Line Issues with their LCD's.

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by mamies In reply to Dell Inspiron 1520 with V ...

This could be a problem with the monitor. If you have another old computer laying around try plugging it into it and if the while line still is there then it is a fault with the monitor.

Since I have no knowledge of monitors if this is the case i would say replace it, but others may have more knowledge to the problem.

Let me know how you go if you can try it on another computer

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Dell Inspiron 1520 with Vertical Line

by bshaffer300 In reply to Monitor

I hooked up an external LCD and it worked fine, no vertical line.
Dell will not acknowledge my problem. They say that they have had no LCD problems with this model. I raise my hand !!! I have a problem.
I know that they have had past vertical line issues in the past.

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Best Bet

by mamies In reply to Dell Inspiron 1520 with V ...

If you are still under warranty, keep sticking your hand up and make them replace it or fix the error. If not under warranty you should prob look for a new monitor as i dont know if an issue like that can be fixed.

You can also just put up with it :) your choice

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