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Dell Inspiron 3500 Hangs on Reboot

By lgalkin ·
The fix from Dell is to drain electro-static charge, swap the keyboard and mice devices and hope for the best (ugh).

All is well until video is installed and then no combination of peripheral removal resolves the reboot hang problem. We've used various video drivers already, of course.

We're really stumped on this one...

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More info, please.....

by rtetrev In reply to Dell Inspiron 3500 Hangs ...

Okay, a few questions:
[1] What OS are you using? WinNT? Linux?
[2] You tried various drivers, but did you load them before anything else? I have seen too many cases of different hardware drivers fighting with each other.
[3] I know this is a remote chance (I haven't checked Dell's site), but you did flash the system BIOS? Does the video have a BIOS you could flash?
[4] Some drivers need to have a setup program run in order for the drivers to be installed. Again, too many times.....

I'm not sure if this helps. I could also suggest running the restore CD (if the system comes with one; I can hardly get a straight answer from Dell's site!). Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Loving the Inspiron...

by msamson In reply to Dell Inspiron 3500 Hangs ...

I actually had a similar problem with an inspiron 3000.

Either the pcmcia nic or modem cards were trying to use IRQ 7 to set themselves up...
When I booted the laptop, It would just hang and reboot after having detected the two cards...
If I plugged the floppy drive on the lpt port, the problem was solved because the lpt port was now used by IRQ 6 for the floppy drive.

Check you IRQs and see if this might not be the problem... (boot in safe mode).

If it is, you need to resolve the IRQ conflict...

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