dell inspiron 545 won't ower on

By sckrem ·
I have a dell inspiron 545 won't start. The power supply checks out ok. The motherboard light comes on when i turn it on and the fan starts for a few sec. then goes off and I get one peep. I was told the one peep means to reseat your memory. I took out my memory installed one at a time and still a peep. any one have any ideas?

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Told by whom?

by seanferd In reply to dell inspiron 545 won't o ...

Look up the beep codes for you exact BIOS. What you were told may be right, or it may not be.

If it is a RAM problem, try <b>gently</b> cleaning the contacts on the memory sticks with a <b>soft</b> rubber eraser. Do not touch the contact with your fingers. Reseat.

You can also try looking in BIOS setup for a diagnostic to run on the machine, or any error messages.

You can also test RAM with

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Here I would first ask what makes you think your PS is OK?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dell inspiron 545 won't o ...

Even a high end PS Tester isn't that accurate and at best only tests in a No Load condition so the PS can pass that test but still not be working.

However I would remove all of the RAM and turn on. If the system keeps running but beeping at you fit 1 RAM Module and try again. If it doesn't keep running fit a new PS and try again.

If it still doesn't keep running replace the M'Board.


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Re:dell inspiron 545 won't ower on

by prrethish In reply to dell inspiron 545 won't o ...

Hai friend try this

Remove u r processor & fix it back
remove all u r smps connections like to hard disk Floppy disk Cdrom and try to make on u r pc

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