dell inspiron 6000 hardrive installation

By manmadhanb ·
hi all,

apparently hard drive in my laptop (dell inspiron 6000) was crashed. I bought a new one (western digital 120 gb). I need to install windows xp from a bootable cd. I don't have the exact cd for dell inspiron with me, but I am trying to use a boot cd a dell desktop which I have. However, my cd drive is not working after installing the new hard drive (I think so...but it was working before crashing my old drive). Can anybody help me how I can bring back my laptop to normal??

The cd drive is recognizing in the BIOS ( I mean it is listed out in the BIOS). I tried to make it as first boot device. But the cd drive is not working at all.....

for few months there was something wrong with the hard drive (old one). It started showing blue screen. Last week the whole thing collapsed. it started showing a message that "internal HDD error". One of my friend advised me to swap the hard drive with another dell inspiron 6000. I did that and mine was not working. So I thought of buying a new internal hard drive. I bought one from 4allmemory.com which is western digital 120 gb 5400rpm and based on their website it is compatible to dell inspiron 6000. I installed this in my laptop and tried to open my cd drive to run the operating system. I realized that my cd drive is no longer available. In the start up the cd drive is not blinking at all. My friend told me it may be due to bad connection. I tried this cd drive in another laptop and it was working. I am just wondering this may be due to a "power supply" problem. If yes how can I check it??

Any suggestions!!!
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There are several things to check...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to dell inspiron 6000 hardri ...

First, if the HDD and CD are both on the same data cable, the HDD must be jumpered correctly. If it is, it would be showing in the BIOS.

Second, double check the data cable connections. Did you bend a pin when plugging it in? Is the plug securely placed into the slot, all the way in? Did you knock something loose when putting the drive into the laptop?

Let us know what you find and we'll go from there.

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checked the following

by manmadhanb In reply to There are several things ...

thanks for the reply....I accessed BIOS using the F2 key in dell inspiron 6000. It is recognizing both internal HDD and the cd drive (not specifically mentioning its name, just showing it as DVD RW+). I tried to make it first one in my boot sequence. Apparently the problem is when I am starting up the laptop, the light on the CD drive is not blinking. It is sitting as dead. Please let me know what should I need to do.
The laptop is also showing another problem. When I try to start, it will try to start and suddenly in one or two seconds it will turn off. Sometime I need to do this two or three times. Is it something related to it???
Another question is the western digital 5400rpm 120gb HDD is suitable for dell inspiron 6000?? I still can return it if it is not going to fit in my laptop??


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RE: Another question is the western digital 5400rpm 120gb HDD is suitabl

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to checked the following

You will have to look at this yourself. To do this you need to remove the HDD and read the Sticker on it and compare this to the one on the old HDD.

What you need to look for here is the Power Required to run this Drive as it is a NB HDD it will run on 5 V DC but the Amperage of it may be way higher than the old drive and this is pulling too much power to allow the NB to function correctly.

You can try looking in the Dell Service Manual for this NB here


As for if it is suitable I don't know as Dell isn't very forthcoming as to the specifications of this model but basically if the BIOS recognizes the HDD correctly it is compatible but depending on the Type of HDD that this is you may be required to fit or Remove a Jumper.

What you should do here is look at the old drive that was removed and if it has a Jumper on it and the new one doesn't you need to remove the jumper from the old drive and fit it in the same place on the new drive. Similarly if the Old Drive didn't have a Jumper on it and the new one does you need to remove the jumper from the new drive and then refit it to the computer.


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"Compatible" is missing a component to work

by chessbishop In reply to dell inspiron 6000 hardri ...

I know is a late posting, but for others out there: the Inspiron 6000 has two main limitations: the BIOS has a 137gb limit and the drive CONNECTOR is a first generation IDE !. If your drive is 80 (or 120) the BIOS will recognize it fine. But most important, the Western Digital drive will fit perfectly but it is not the right connector!

To use it properly you need to acquire an EIDE (ATA6 in WD, i.e. the little pins) converter that will make it an IDE connector, which in turn will plug in inside the Inspiron. You probably noticed the difference when you took the original drive out - the pins/connectors were different. Maybe some Inspiron 6000 came out with the newer EIDE connector, but I doubt it.

The EIDE/ATA-to-IDE can be found on eBay. Price is about 2-5 dollars shipping included! It won't add extra space to the drive/connector and everything should fit perfectly inside the 6000. Be patient and don't bend any pins!

Win XP SP3 will recognize the drive if you attempt a clean install. No need for Dell.

If you clone drives, and the capacity of the drive is over 120gb I recommend to clone "AS IS" (Acronis True Image). That way you copy DELL's Recovery partition and the whole copy will stay within the partitions limitations. The rest of the drive should be partitioned in sizes smaller than 120 too. WD offers a version of True Image but I used the Acronis retail version.

Regardless, your BIOS should be up to date. Everything starts there ... (The newest for the 6000 is old anyway). A fresh installation with Win XP SP1 may require Dell's drivers and make things more "interesting".

A final word - when a system starts and a component (i.e. the WD drive) fails to pass the POST (Power-on-system-test) test, it may cascade the problem to other components. That may explain why your CD/DVD didn't work. Not a compatibility problem but the behavior of the POST. FYI, the original drive is set as MASTER. The WD drives default to MASTER too.

Best wishes,

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