dell inspiron 6000 power problem

By sara.peat ·
this laptop will not charge from the adaptor, have tested the adaptor it is working. The computer will run on battery but that is nearly dead, I am not happy as I am one of unfortunates with a faulty battery before, the computer closed down completely then when restarted would only function on battery. I think this seems to be a common problem with the inspiron I think some thing must have burnt out inside? the jack has always seemed rather fragile any advice please

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If the Power Socket on the NB isn't broken

by OH Smeg In reply to dell inspiron 6000 power ...

The only option is the M'Board has a fault and needs replacing. As you have checked everything else that could possibly be the problem you are looking at an Expensive Repair.

Just another thought pull the Battery and look at the contacts where it plugs in. Sometimes these are dirty and do not conduct electricity wiping them with a Alcohol Wipe the same as Doctors use will cure this problem. I don't think that this is your problem as the NB would run off the battery till it went flat here but it doesn't hurt to check this out.


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Very common fault

by mjd420nova In reply to dell inspiron 6000 power ...

I see this with so many different units and it all comes from jamming the unit around with the adapter plugged in and it gets jammed this way and that. Eventually the solder connections to the main board get broken loose and sometimes even lift traces. A really good service center should be able to do a decent repair. Often I will replace the connector with some heavy wires and a female jack on the end. That way it won't get jammed again and you can still use the same adapter. There is also a small circuit on the main board to sense the current being drawn and if it senses too much, it will shut the unit off. This can get blown and result in a false sense and not allow charging unless the unit is turned off.

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