Dell Inspiron 6400; letter G on my laptop keyboard is not working

By raghuram_342 ·
My laptop is only of 8 months old. keeping the problem in my mind I use an external keyboard but there are at times I have to use the laptop keyboard.
But since yesterday the letter G doesn't appear on screen when I type it.
Can anybody assist of me what to do.
Is Calling the Dell Care and changing the key board is the only option ???

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I hav* th* sam* probl*m

by mail In reply to Dell Inspiron 6400; lette ...


I'm having a very similar problem with my pretty new Dell D620 laptop... only on mine it's letter "e" that stopped working - completely - doesn't work by itself or with Shift, or Alt, or Windows key. Could you tell me what you ended up doing to fix it? Looking forward to hear from you!


Ilya Karlik

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i hae the same problem

by casey_connors9 In reply to Dell Inspiron 6400; lette ...

i have a dell inspiron e1405 and my v doesn't work. it's very annoying to copy and paste it in every time. how do we fix this?

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Replace your key

by Arhaz In reply to Dell Inspiron 6400; lette ...

Order a replacement key from

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Nice of you to create a new account and....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Replace your key

.... drag up an old post just so you can provide us with your SPAM.

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