Dell Inspiron 6400; letter G on my laptop keyboard is not working

By raghuram_342 ·
My laptop is only of 8 months old. keeping the problem in my mind I use an external keyboard but there are at times I have to use the laptop keyboard.
But since yesterday the letter G doesn't appear on screen when I type it.
Can anybody assist of me what to do.
Is Calling the Dell Care and changing the key board is the only option ???

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if it is still under warrenty

by jdclyde In reply to Dell Inspiron 6400; lette ...

that is the time to make THEM resolve the issue.

If it isn't, you can get keyboards off ebay. I just got one for my Inspiron 1100, $16 delivered for a used one, but could have got a new one for another $10 or so.

They are easy to swap out.

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I have to agree with JD here make Dell fix it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dell Inspiron 6400; lette ...

However there are a few things that you need to be aware of before ringing Dell and making them fix their faulty product. Dell's first answer to any problem is to format and reinstall Windows and if you send it to them that's exactly what will happen so you'll loose everything that you have done on the NB since you bought it. So before you send it away BACKUP Everything of any Importance you can always reinstall any software latter but your data is very expensive to recover and even then only possible if you get the same HDD back with the computer, if the change the HDD you've lost everything with no possibility of recovery.

But once you have all your data backed up and depending on what it is that you do removed from the NB if necessary then Make Dell fix their own mess as they made it and have to fix it for at least the first year. You've already paid a lot of money for this and it should at least work long enough for you to get your investment back from it.


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Letter G sticking Inspiron 6400

by tommy In reply to Dell Inspiron 6400; lette ...

We have had 2 keyboard related issues 1 was GH and M not functioning other is no keys at all.Changed keyboard and it fixed GH and M problem but more concern is both m/c showed signs of overheating check COA label for burning

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