dell inspiron 6400 with intel 945GM graphics card doesnt detect external TV

By gangs1234 ·
I have bought a new dell laptop inspiron 6400 with specs as under:

1. Processor : T2050 1.67 Mhz
2. Ram: 1024 MB
4. Mobile intel 945GM Express chipset Family
5. Video Card: do not know. When i check in system display, all i ould see is "intel 945GM Express chipset Family".

I am in UK and am trying to connect my laptop to my widescreen TV. I have a 4 - pin cable at both ends (i have been given an impression that the 4 pin will work perfect on 7 pin dell s-video out) with a scart adaptor for TV.

My TV detects the sound from the micrsophone outlet but not picture. In fact, when i try toggling Fn+F8, i get a message "Presentation mode is ff. No external display is detected". I tried almost everything... going to display --> settings -- > advanced --> The primary monitor is laptop and the secondary shown as dotted ( not connected). Even when u select and make active, it wont identify it and moves back to laptop monitor. It seems like XP doesnt even recognize/detect TV at startup. My TV has a seperate AV - S which i have been trying to connect to.

Can anyone help me? Do i need to dowload the drivers for video card? i tried putting ATI/redon updates but while installing, it detects and gives alert that the H/W is not configred for these drivers. I tried updating drivers from intel site but they fail to update.

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I might be wrong in this but . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dell inspiron 6400 with i ...

The only laptop I've ever had that would connect to a TV (Rock Xtreme) had TWO identical sockets - one for external monitor, one for external TV.

In both cases the respective connection was detected automatically, switching off the laptop screen in the process.

If you are using what turns out to be a dedicated monitor-only socket, no matter what adaptor you use, I reckon the output would be all but unreadable on any TV.

The pixel structure on a television is not only a lower resolution but the shape of each pixel is not conducive to computer output.

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I read this could be done...

by gangs1234 In reply to I might be wrong in this ...

Thanx but i think once you lower the resolution of the card, then you might be able to view it. I am saying this because i read many ppl are using the laptop on TV this way using s-video out. My problem is that winxp doesnt even recognize the external monitor attached to laptop.

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I seriously doubt it . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I read this could be done ...

If you can go back to the days of the Commodore machines (I'm old enough) the Commodore 64 [the biggest selling home computer of the 80s) had a TV-out socket for a standard 55ohm ariel cable AND a D-plug for a monitor.

The Commodore Amiga had a monitor socket but came with a 'Modulator' that plugged into the monitor socket to convert the signal to play on a TV.

I cannot see any way that a couple of metres of cable and a couple of plugs can perform the same function as a purpose-built modulator.

The fact that your laptop is not recognising an external monitor leads me to suspect that your external monitor socket may be suspect anyway. If it's not gonna play ball with an external monitor, you've got no chance of a Heath-Robinson approach ever working on a TV.

I'd first of all try to figure out why the laptop doesn't work with an external monitor. Anything else is just a pipe-dream?

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by ccheeboon In reply to dell inspiron 6400 with i ...

I too own a dell inspiron 6400. It work fine with the vga out to secondary monitor or projector. But the s-video cannot get it to detect tv. i have updated the bios and the intel 945GM graphic card driver, but still the same. i contact dell through chat... they say most probably due to using of non dell compatible cable and suggest me to get one. So far i have not purchase one.

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