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Dell inspiron 8000; Windows XP install no ethernet controller

By steveladams ·
My wife's 8000 had ME on it so we bought XP Home, the install went fine however, I am unable to get a valid driver for the ethernet controller. The whole reason for installing XP was to bring it back to life as an email/internet machine. So I'm stuck...Any help greatly appreciated.

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I'm assuming that you don't know the LAN Hardware Maker here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dell inspiron 8000; Windo ...

What is happening here is that the LAN Driver hasn't been loaded. This is normal as XP doesn't come with every possible driver. Dell on the other hand sells Hardware with Slipstreamed Install Disc's which only have the drivers for that Hardware.

So what you need to do is Install Belarc Adviser on this unit and run it to find out the Makers Name so you can find a Driver

After you know the Name of the Driver do a Google Search for the Drivers Name and XP to find something that will work. So if it is a # Com LAN Device you would do a Goggle Search for 3CCFE575CT 10/100 MB Ethernet XP Driver.

That should solve the problem if there is a Driver Available for XP that is.


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Still work in progress

by steveladams In reply to I'm assuming that you don ...

Thanks for the advise on Belarc Adviser.

I reinstalled the D-Link software. I can now see my wireless router but it is unable to acquire an IP address excellent strength and all that but cannot get IP address. Very strange...

Any other suggestions besides switching to Linux?

I am actually setting this laptop and selling it to a friend who is the ultimate non-computer knowledgeable person on the planet. So having a commmon OS is important for future tech support from me.

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Sounds more like the Routers Security

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Still work in progress

Than the Computers Software load. When you installed the D Link Software Did you enter the Codes to the Router?

If not then you have most likely been getting dropped by the Router as a Unauthorized Connection. This is what Securing the WiFi Access point does to prevent strangers downloading Kiddy Porn and leaving you responsible for the download.

If you can see the WiFi Access Point the Ethernet is working but you are not being accepted as a Valid Connection. What happens when you try connecting through a Wired Connection?


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Just to add to the above

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dell inspiron 8000; Windo ...

Do you realize that you do not need to limit yourself to Windows in any form? There is Open BSD or one of the many Linux's that would most likely work on this computer without the need to hunt down drivers.

Both would also have a much smaller Footprint on the system as well so it would run faster and most likely be more reliable.

If you just want E-Mail and Browsing Capabilities you could even get away with removing a lot of the basic install of either Linux or BSD and have heaps of room to Archive E-Mail and your Favorites list. All the recent Linux's that I've looked at come with Firefox and Thunderbird on the install disc's. With one of these you could have it installed and be using it in under an hour.

Or to see what is available you could try a Live Linux these load off the CD and do not affect any previously installed OS. If you want to have a play with Live Linux look at this site for a small portion of what is available.


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