Dell Inspiron 8100 Dead Hard Drive

By mgrafton ·
I replaced the original 20G drive with an 80. When I try to re-boot the 2 options I get are F1 to reboot or F2 for set up. I do F2 and I get to the set up page and it is locked up. I can't move thru the pages. I hit F1 and it won't re-boot. Despite the age I am trying to repair because my daughter bought this used from an Aunt with hard earned baby sitting money. Any suggestions?

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original hdd

by oharaphil In reply to Dell Inspiron 8100 Dead H ...

if you put the original 20Gb hdd back into the laptop does it startup ok?
You need to check the bios and make sure that its using the latest version thats available for the laptop ( A15 ). this can be downloaded from Dell's website. Also is anything installed on the 80GB hdd..i.e operating system?

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Dead Hard Drive Dell 8100

by mgrafton In reply to original hdd

I tried putting back the 20Gb hdd and it worked well that time. When I started it back up the next day nothing. I tried to update the Bios. Should the update show up right after start up and reading the diskette? It is still showing A08. As far as I know nothing on the 80Gb hdd.
Bought it off of PriceWatch.com They listed it as a pulled unit. ???

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updating the bios

by oharaphil In reply to Dead Hard Drive Dell 8100

normally if the floppy is working correctly,when you restart the PC with the floppy disk the system should show you instruction to follow , its notmally just pressing the enter key a few times. After a few minutes the system should of updated the bios , then you remove the floppy disk restart the PC and the new bios should be installed.
As for the "pulled unit" this is normally an item that is no longer available from the manufactures.So its more than likely has no O/s on it . Do you have a windows Cd and cd rom drive on the Dell that you can install an operating system?

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