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    Dell Inspiron 9300 Battery or Hard Drive Issue?!


    by prbrowneyz ·

    So my Dell Inspiron is acting very unusual. It started when I went on a road trip and used my laptop to watch movies. I put it on one time and it lit up then blinked and turned off. I would try to turn it back on and it just made a blink noise.

    I noticed it was extremely hot so I had someone clean the inside out. Still happens. It stays on for alittle while, gets very hot to the point where the sticky stands on the bottom melted. My battery would also go fast. Sometimes when it got real low, I would plug the power cord in and it would freeze the whole computer. But if I plug the power cord in while it’s off and start it up it’s normal. But still gets very hot and ends up freezing.

    I did a diagnosis on it and it came up with an error and I was told it was my hard drive. Mind me, after all these errors I did restore my dell to the original state it was. Still happened so now I know it wasn’t the software or anything else. I am so confused. Is it the battery, hard drive or both?

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      Couple of thoughts

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Dell Inspiron 9300 Battery or Hard Drive Issue?!

      if your laptop is getting so hot that things are melting, it needs service, period.

      To begin with, I would run it with the AC adapter and no battery. If the temps stay normal, then the battery is very dangerously short circuited.

      Not sure if your laptop has a fan, but if it does, make sure it’s running.

      Assuming that the AC adapter is the correct one for the machine, and it’ not putting out too much current, then either the motherboard is bad or the fan has failed.

      The hard drive issue may be an unrelated problem, however heat is the #1 enemy of hard drives, so it may have cooked the drive.

      BTW: you should post this sort of issue in the ‘questions’ area, not the discussion area.

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        by prbrowneyz ·

        In reply to Couple of thoughts

        Wow, I didn’t realize I wasn’t in questions. LOL. Ok so now my computer isn’t coming on. It lights up, clicks, turns off. Both with just battery and Power cord. But I noticed when I plug the power cord in the charge light doesn’t come on either. When I take the battery out and plug it in…it still does the same thing. I noticed yesterday the last time it came on the fan wasn’t spinning either and computer froze.

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      Maybe you need a new battery!

      by lilee221 ·

      In reply to Dell Inspiron 9300 Battery or Hard Drive Issue?!

      I known somewhere to buy a cheap replacement lithium-ion dell inspiron 9300 battery for sale: 73WH, 11.1V

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